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Ferra spent a few weeks lying down due to her illness.

When Ferra was trained to become a Bard, she was trained to always think the impossible, perhaps she could break a chip off of her wooden bed to make a lockpick, pickpocket a guard while walking, or become "friendly" with a guard, and when he enters the cell, she snaps his neck.

Ferra's Bard training can get her out of her cell, but it would not be easy.

Then, Ferra had an idea. Bard's were majors's of a regular Thief. But one attribute Bards learned, was Illusion.

Ferra practiced with her cell guard everyday for 2 months, but for a short time due to her illness.

Until, finally she broke him, and she ordered him to move over to her cell, and unlock it. It worked.

Ferra stole the Guards dagger and slit his throat, and stole his armor.

What Ferra did was wrong, but survival was on her mind.

She dragged the body under his table. And walked like she was a regular guard. All the way to the courtyard. Safe.

Ferra wanted her father to pay for what he had done. But, then. She dropped and vomited on the ground.

She was weak, not only from her 3 months in prison. But from her illness, she felt like her insides were on fire.

Ferra dragged herself to the nearest Chapel.

She collapsed in the middle of the Chapel.

Later, she woke from her slumber on a bed, not a wooden one in her cell. A nice, and comfortable bed.

Next to her, was the woman that changed Ferra's life, forever.

She told Ferra her name was Esmerelle, and she was a Bosmer woman around 23, and she was the Chapel's Healer.

Ferra was confused, but at the same time, vengeful. 

Ferra sat up and walked to the door, before Esmerelle stopped her. Esmerelle explained her condition, she was pregnant. 3 months pregnant.

Ferra dropped to her knees and cried. Her love was possibly dead, and she was with a child. His child.

Ferra wanted her father to pay even more.

As Ferra picked up her dagger, Esmerelle pulled on Ferra's shirt and asked what was wrong. She told her, and Esmerelle's eyes started to water a little.

But, Esmerelle didn't want Ferra to inflict more bloodshed than needed. Causing more harm could kill Ferra, or if she succeeds, she could be sent to prison.

Esmerelle told Ferra about her life before she joined the Chapel 5 years ago. She was an Agent working for criminals, before she was betrayed on a mission. And found succor and peace in the Chapel. She wanted to kill the assasin's, but was awed by the Beauty and Quiet of the Chapel.

Ferra was moved by her story. But she wanted answers from her father by the very least she can do.

Esmerelle agreed, and allowed Ferra to leave the Chapel.

She went straight to the Imperial City, and snuck around the now, heavily guarded estate. He must have heard of Ferra's escape, and he was expecting assasin's. He was wrong.

She climbed up to her balcony, and opened the door.

She snuck around the corner to her father's study.

Ferra felt nervous, angry, enraged, and...sad.

No matter what Ulrich had done to her, he was still her father, and her only parent after her mother died giving birth to her.

Ferra opened the door normally, and not quietly, to balance her emotions.

There he was, staring at her with a cold, withered face. The man who ruined her life.

He spoke to her in such a cold voice, saying he knew this day had come.

Ferra asked him, where was Jasper and if he was alive.

He said in the coldest tone, He was executed for desertion, he attempted to leave his post to return to Cyrodiil and return to Ferra.

Ferra was cold. And she was stunned.

But, she wasn't done. She asked him why he did this.

He responded saying; "I want to have an heir to this fortune, is that wrong? A soldier would try to leave you with my hard-earned riches, I only wanted what was best for you, Ferra."

Ferra responded this: "I pity you, you're still trying to make it sound like it is my fault. Even after all you've done, a noble man can just as easily run away with a fortune, maybe that IS how they made their fortune".

Ulrich told her to kill him. He told her he was not sorry he tried to protect his fortune.

Ferra said no, she told him she was dead to him, and wanted nothing to do with Ulrich anymore. She warned him, though. She told him if he ever sent anyone after her, he would be the first to die. He agreed to these terms and set her free,

She ran, and ran to the Chapel that had saved her, and entered. She gazed up at the windows of the Nine Divines.

She thought it was....beautiful.


Ferra served the Chapel faithfully, and the day had come when her water broke, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she named, Aurora. And after 1 long year. She climbed the Chapel's Tower. And sang a song about Love, Sorrow, and....the Future. With Aurora in her arms.

Esmerelle, even though younger than Ferra, taught her to become a Lay Sister of the Chapel.

Jasper had a proper ceremonial burial, as was accustomed to soldiers, deserter's or not. And he will be loved by Ferra, forever.

Ferra's father died of old age, and had no heir. Ferra was singing, she looked over the horizon. And for once in 1 year, she...was happy.

'The End'