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OB-icon-Thieves Guild-Bandit.png Hi, I'm Skober from Montana in the United States. I am in my early 20's and am an avid gamer...

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I play Morrowind on my Xbox, and Oblivion on my *360 Xbox360.png. I wish I caught on to The Elder Scrolls years ago, as I LOVE the lore associated to the games (both past and present). I'm new to TES (since late 2006), but engulf my life into the fiction and fun of the story lines, the books, the action, and the chronological aspect of the games/stories. Having only a web browsing macbook, I don't have the hardware to play the original games, but my goal is to some day play each one. UESP has been my homepage for the past 4 years, and I appreciate what every moderator and user whom adds to the wonderful collaboration has done. Every question leads to another question, and each answer leads to another; my understanding of TES universe stems from both the UESP and TIL. I assume this is the way most other people first grasp the lore of the franchise, so it may sound trivial (especially to veteran fans), but The Elder Scrolls has made a profound impact on my preference in fictional entertainment...

My Character[edit]

  • Sadly, the likeness of this character has been lost, as HDD files were corrupted and forgotten. However, my current character's image will someday be posted as I will try to find a way to get a picture from my tv ((need a dig. cam))
  • All details of my character are User fabrications that should not be confused with Lore. I do however, attempt to the best of my efforts, fit my character's story into that of the Elder Scrolls Universe.

User-Skober-OB EXIL pix 002.JPG

Vital Stats[edit]

  • Name: Exil Stormrider – (Nickname: Strider)
  • Race: Breton
  • Sign: The Mage
  • Class: Ranger
  • Level: TES:III -56- | TES:IV -51-
  • Most Recent Created: Aug. 2010; current gameplay: 400+hrs (TES: IV)

  • Raised with the skills of the Wrothgarian Rangers, Exil Stormrider is adept to learn the ways of the Dar Jo-Do and eventually master his knowledge of Combat, The ways of the Thief, and the Arcane Arts. A scholar and intellectual by hobby, Exil in his adulthood, will open his mind to learn of history, art, science, arithmetic, and magick. In his youth, much time of his life was spent spelunking and embarking on adventures of intrigue. A period of his life was spent at sea, smuggling goods across the west coast of Tamriel until a deal he could not refuse sent him on a quest with illicit cargo to the Dren Plantation in Vvardenfell... But this tale is yet to come...

Dar Jo-Do: Clever or Thief; Scholar or Wizard; Warrior