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Fan Fiction

The Stormrider Chronicles: An Elder Scrolls Saga

By: Skober

The Stormrider Kingdom[edit]

Late in the Forth Century of the Third Era, King Adtonitus ruled the Stormrider kingdom. He (an Imperial) was the husband of a Breton noble whose family held court in the self-proclaimed kingdom since the First Era.

Established in the disarray of the Direnni Hegemony, The Stormrider clan claimed land and forged an independent kingdom. The territory was adjacent to Orsinium, but the Stormrider family used magicks and force to hold their borders for countless years. It held its independence as well as its individual theosophical and political ideals during the formation of Wayrest. The political bodies of High Rock never recognized the Stormrider Kingdom due to their staunch refusal at swearing allegiance to any power but their own for fear their freedoms would be stripped. For the way of the Stormrider crown was to embody the very symbol of freedom; "Nex ut Tyrannus" was the banner of the land.

Mages Warriors and Rogues alike… all that married into or was bore therein-proclaimed a “Child of Thunder” as was the first of the bloodline. Long ago, a boy born of aldmeric-nedic blood was stuck by lightning during infancy. He was considered to be cursed, for the boy had not been affected by the electricity that surged through his body, and no burns had affected his skin. In fear others would be struck down with mortal results, the mother and boy were banished by penalty of death should they return. As the mother carried her child into the wilderness, an old man clad in grey robes and a beard reaching his knees, told her of a now forgotten prophesy. He claimed to be in exile from Skyrim and that, through him, the boy would become strong and powerful. A gleam in his eyes, the old man looked as though destiny had brought him before her. And she felt as though she could trust him with her life as well as her son.

The two never had any sort of relation, but together in but a cave in the Wrothgarian Mountains; they forged the infant, through knowledge and practice, into the first Stormrider. As the bloodline expanded and was passed on from one kin to another only those of the bloodline carry the powers of their ancestor. Any whom marry into the clan will carry their names and titles into the history of the family.

And so it was, that so much later in history, King Adtonitus is ruler of the Stormrider land.

The One who would become the Next[edit]

The son of Adtonitus was born on the 21st of Rain's Hand during the year 405 of the 3rd Era in High Rock, in a small Breton Kingdom at the base of the Wrothgarian Mountains, dangerously close to Nova Orsinium. In the year 417 of the 3rd Era, Orsimer invaders sacked The Stormrider Kingdom. The boy’s parents were executed and he was kicked around like a plaything until the leader decided his death would be too easy. Gortwog thought that the child should live in the thought he would have a lowly desperate life as a beggar, or become the unfortunate meal for an Ogre. As the Village and Castle that was the Stormrider ancestral home burned in the background, gro-Nagorm took a burning blade and slashed to boy's face from right to left, down across between the nose and left eye. "Let this be a reminder that you are weak and an outcast to this land"... The guards knocked him unconscious and threw his body down a hillside into a stream. Gortwog gro-Nagorm had claimed another territory with little opposition, as he struck at night and the guards of the castle were asleep. Even the young heir had awoken to fire, smoke and screams.

What would be known as the “Miracle of Peace” was the end of one life, and the beginning of a new one, for the young boy.

His family smote, his birthright crumbled, and his memory shattered.

As he lay dreaming of what had happened, suddenly a voice spoke to him...

"Do not be sad. All those you knew and cared for are in Aetherius now... Your life is about to change; I am going to give you a gift. A purpose."

To be continued...


- From: "The Stormrider Chronicles: An Elder Scrolls Saga"

  • Written by Skober 2010... concepted 2007

Note from the Editor[edit]

This Fan Fiction pertains to my character in TES:III, IV, and ineffably onward in the time-line during various events and in various locations. My character has little control over his destiny and "Higher Powers" have seen fit to both curse and bless "Strider".

  • The Strider of Tamriel
My character never received a first name as his family's ways and rights-of-passage were lost with it's destruction. As he wanders Arena Supermundus his face and his name remains forsaken, though his actions and its impacts are paramount. Known simply as Strider, the man who is truly Exil Stormrider, forged his name and abilities through the events that ruined him. He would have been destroyed time and time again except, powers either divine or of another nature, see fit to continue his existence.