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Reaper of Souls[edit]

Chapter 1: The Beginning[edit]

It was a normal uneventful night in Windhelm. The guard was standing at the gates waiting to be relieved. No one had entered or left all day. Then he saw something move. Approaching was a man, judging from his appearence, an Imperial. The Imperial was wrapped in a blood red cloak, his armor seemed to be ebony, and his weapon, a large axe. When the Imperial got to the gate the guard said, "'Tis a wicked axe you wield there friend. That blade looks sharp enough to cut through a god. The Imperial looked up saying, "You have no idea." Then as quickly as the Imperial had come he disappeared. "I've got to lay off the mead." remarked the guard. Which was a remark that he would not heed later.

Chapter 2: Enter, Marcus[edit]

The Imperial walked into the Candlehearth Hall, the local inn. He walked to the innkeeper's desk. "I need a room, just for a day or two."The innkeeper, Elda Early-Dawn sharply replied, "Be specific! I don't have the time to attempt to comprehend what constitutes a day or two in your mind Imperial scum." The Imperial stayed calm."Ma'am, just give me the room for two days." Elda, clearly infuriated by his response, said "Fine. It's yours for two nights, for thirty septims." Which was triple the ordinary price. The Imperial took it calmly and paid the amount. As he turned to go to his room he was accosted by a tall Nord wearing steel armor and a bloodthirsty grin. "Hey Imperial milk-drinker! I think you should give that axe to a real me." The Imperial tried to walk awy, but a burly Nord blocked his path, "You're not going anywhere." he said. The Imperial calmly replied "I don't want to hurt anyone. Please leave." The Nord laughed shoving him and saying, "You're not in Cyrodil Imperial. Now I'll be taking that axe. With that the Nord punched the Imperial in the face. Grabbing an amulet that hung around the Imperials neck, an amulet of Talos, he threw it on the ground. That was his fatal mistake. The Imperial suddenly let loose with a volley of blows, the Nord fell to the ground in suprise. The Imperial finally succeeded in getting the Nord to retreat, with just a word."Fus!" The Imperial calmly picked up his amulet and walked into his room. All the patrons were wondering the same thing, "How is it that one so young could have done such a thing?" As he could not have been much older than seventeen.

Chapter 3: Our Hero, Marcus Whitestrake[edit]

Marcus Whitestrake put his axe on the floor an inspected the room. It was small, and furnished with a few bear pelts. Marcus lay down on the bed staring up at the ceiling, remembering his old life. Many hours playing in the Priory of the Nine, His mother and father watching him, and Areldur, an Altmer, and one of the last of his grandfather's Knights was always near him. Areldur and Brellin, a Bosmer knight taught him how to fight and heal. Then he remembered the day, when the Thalmor attacked! Brelling had been tending to the animals and was the first to see them come, he was cut down without a word. Areldur, and Marcus's parents set up a barricade. It was a futile attempt as the Thalmor's spells quickly tore down the barricade, Areldur, who had been closest to the barricade was killed, and his body thrown across the room, his mother, Adisa, told him to run, he ran blinded by tears until he was picked up by his,now deceased, horse, Thorn. Marcus rode Thorn over the border into Skyrim. There he had seen two dragons fighting, a red dragon and a dark grey dragon. The red dragon fought desperately but was being hit by both a few men and the dragon. Marcus didn't know how it happened. It just happened. "Fus...Rod Dah! The people were thrown away and the grey dragon flew away. The dragon flew over and said in an ancient tongue, that Marcus somehow understood, "Dovahkiin, in your time of need, summon...Odahviing!" Suddenly Marcus was snapped back to the present when he heard Elda yelling, "Get up! You can't laze around in bed all day! You might do that in Cyrodiil, but not here!" Marcus chuckled to himself and ran out of his room, and into the streets of Windhelm.

Chapter 4: Research with a Necromancer[edit]

Marcus sprinted in the direction of the Palace of Kings. Luckily, he was not the victim of an intended theft, and possible murder, which in his opinion was a great sucess. He finally suceeded in reaching the palace, and went inside. He could feel the steely glares of all present in the court boring holes in him. "This informant better be right about this." he thought. Marcus ascended the stairs leading up to the second floor. He rounded the stone hallways and finally emerged in a room lit with candles. It contained skulls, odd plants and bottles, and a rather old man in mage's garb leaning over what appeared to be an Arcane Enchanter. The man was muttering something to himself and didn't know that Marcus had entered the room until Marcus tapped him on the shoulder. "Eh?", he said,"So you're that Marcus boy aren't you?" Marcus nodded silently. The wizard continued, "I am Wuunferth, now to buisness," he sat down in a chair and motioned for Marcus to do the same,"Now, I assume you know the risks?" Marcus nodded,"Yes just tell me where the shrine is already." "Well now. Aren't you impatient. Fine take a look at this," Wuunferth pulled a map out from under his chair,"you see here is Snowpeak, the shrine is right at the top. But I'll ask you once more are you sure that you're ready for this, there are some things worse than death." Marcsu replied "That Daedra can do all he wants. I'll keep going going until I've freed them." Wuunferth leaned forward ssaying, "Think about it carrefully you'd be gambling both body and soul. First, he'll kill you, painfully I might add. Then he'll steal your very soul, the very essence of your being. And then he'd torture your soul for an eternity. I ask you is that what you really want?" Marcus' eyes shown with fervor as he said,"I'll do what I have to. I'll bring Molag down and rescue my family, or I'll die, have my soul ripped out, and tortured by an immortal Daedra. I have to admit, the whole dying and losing my soul thing sounds a whole lot better than having to listen to another Orc bard."

Chapter 5:Revenge[edit]

Marcus set out the next day after buying some supplies from a somewhat-shady Dunmer merchant. He mounted a his horse, Karinda, and rode north. The trip was rather uneventful, until he was nearing Snowpeak.That was when all hell broke loose. He saw a group of Thalmor escorting a group of five men as well as a woman, and one child. Marcus dropped to the ground, to avoid being seen by the group. But just as he dropped, the child locked eyes with him. The boy's eyes were pleading, and the message could not be clearer. Marcus put his finger to his lip. And the boy understood looking away. Now Marcus could focus on what the elves were doing. They were lining up their prisoners, and then he saw a man he knew he hated on sight. It was a tall Altmer dressed in the garb of a mage, his eyes had a glint of knowing superiority in them, and his blade, it looked of Daderic craftmanship. It glowed with a thirst for fresh blood. After the prisoners were lined up the mage turned to them, while an Altmer dressed in full gear of Elven craft said, "By order of the Thalmor and of High Inquisitor Arendil, you are sentenced to death on accounts of Talos worship, support of the rebellion, and refusal to come quietly." he ended by turning to the mage, undoubtly Arendil, whose very eyes seemed to bore into the prisoners. Finally, one man's nerves were broken and he ran for it. Arendil smiled sadisticly and shot a ball of fire at him. The man screamed as his flesh was burned. After a few moments, the man was dead. Arendil turned back to the prisoners. Arendil proceeded to march down the line spilling the blood of the men on the ground, by one, until the only ones remaining were the woman and child. Now that Marcus studied her, she looked young, the boy couldn't be her child. Her hair was brown and her eyes green. Arendil stared at her smiling and saying, "Well aren't you the pretty one. Such a shame one so beautiful should die. Perhaps, some way of sparing you could be arranged. I could..." He broke off as the girl spat in his face. "Very well, you've sealed your fate," He turned to two armored elves saying, "Send her soul to the depths of Oblivion." The men complied readying their bows. And that was when a Marcus, yelling, burst out of his hiding spot and started fighting. He killed the two would-be executioners, and turned to the others. "Run." he said. The Thalmor charged him he killed three, but a fourth one jumped behind him and grabbed his hands, disarming him. Marcus tried to break free, but could not. Arendil approached him saying,"Well look here. A boy playing the hero. How quaint." He stabbed Marcus. And that was when everything went black...

Chapter 6:Still Alive, but Barely Breathing[edit]

When Marcus came to he saw Arendil and the remaining armored Thalmor standing a few feet away. The warrior was readying his bow and aiming at the woman who was defiantly hiding the child behind her. As Marcus struggled to stand, he noticed that his sword had been tossed away, but he still had his backup weapon, an ebony dagger hidden in his boot. He removed the dagger and limped slowly towards the Thalmor. With a burst of speed andd strength he jumped at the armored Altmer and proceeded to stab him in the throat. Now alerted, Arendil turned on heel and attacked bringing the blade down at Marcus. Marcus rolled, and stabbed Arendil in the leg. Arendil yelled like a wounded animal, kicking Marcus and breaking his hold. He began to retreat, when Marcus threw his dagger hitting him in the back. Arendil screeched and began to raise his hands and began to chant. The sky was turning the color of twilight, which was odd as it had been merely noon when Marcus had fainted. Then something like a cross between a scaly bird and a humanoid female descended quickly from the sky grabbing Arendil's hand and vanishing with him into thin air. And that was when Marcus passed out for the second time that day.

Chapter 7:Revelations[edit]

When Marcus woke up he saw the child leaning over him. "Uh, hello." was all Marcus could manage. The child just stared at him. Marcus began to study the child's face. His eyes were a striking blue, he was blonde with his hair on the shorter side, and his features were finally crafted. Marcus found himself staring in to the child's eyes, until he was startled by the child responding, "Hello. What's your name?" Marcus replied, "Marcus. And you?" The child was staring into space, and Marcus was starting to get lost in his eyes again when the child said, "Leif. My name is Leif." Then Marcus noticed Leif was staring back at him, Marcus was about to say something when Leif put his hand on Marcus' forehead. The next moment, Marcus was flying through the sky. Marcus looked to his right and noticed Leif flying next to him. Marcus then cast his gaze to the ground, and there he saw the bodies of Leif and himself, just sitting there, unmoving. Marcus was beginning to panic, when suddenly, everything changed. He was in a room, with walls of blackest night, and floor of the color of fresh blood. Everything looked rather distorted, like Marcus was looking at his reflection in rippling water. He saw two tall men conversing. The one closest to Marcus was lightly built and in elegant robes, with his hair done in the mane fashion, a style attributed to most elves. The other man was in foreboding armor, with a ghastly mace hanging from his side. He suddenly heard talking, and strained his ears. This is what he heard. "But my lord, my men my men are spread thin as it is already. I just do not have the resources to undertake such a thing." "Silence, elf! You will find a way. We can not afford to have such valuable pieces running around out there." "My lord, I still do not see the point. I simply cannot see how they are a threat to us. Why do you fear them?" There was a sound like a thunder clap and Marcus saw the man in robes fall to the ground. "I could kill you with a snap of my fingers. However, I choose not to. All I ask in return is that you follow my orders and do not question my decisions. Do I make myself clear?" The robed man stumbled up and said, "Yes. My lord.." The man turned to leave, and with horror, Marcus knew that he recognized the man. It was Arendil.

Chapter 8:By Tooth and Claw[edit]

When Marcus snapped back into reality, he noticed that Leif was giving him a faint smile. When Marcus finally calmed down, he asked,"What was that? What did you do?" Leif was still smiling as he said, "That was just me showing you what was happening elsewhere. As for what I did, I've just attracted the attention of a couple bloodthirsty monsters." Marcus looked around he saw the scaled bird-like women gathering nearby. "What are they?, he asked. "They are called the Winged Twighlights, servants of Molag Bal. They will relentlessly hunt down whoever their master commands them to, he replied,"they are also too much for you to handle. Go! I'll take care of them." When Marcus looked inquizitively at him, he said,"You thought the gods had abandoned you and your family? Far from it. Kynareth sends her regards." And with that he and the woman, who Marcus had just remembered turned into large bears. Marcus was just stunned, it was all he could do to jump onto Karinda and ride away. It wasn't long before he heard several agonizing roars, and a high pitched screech. He turned. The twilights were flying towards him, and they didn't look amused. He urged Kardinda to go faster but Kardinda was reaching his limit. The twighlights were flying near him, tearing at his flesh, ripping his cloak. In desperation Marcus screamed the first thing that came to him, "Ohdahving!" He waited, and heard a loud roar and the screeches of the twighlights. A large red dragon was ripping them apart with tooth and claw. When the battle was over, Marcus could see that the twighlights never stood a chance. Marcus walked up to Odahviing, and was suprised when Odahviing said, "A life for a life. My debt is repayed. But I shall still fight by your side, son of the Dovah. Should you need it." "Actually," Marcus said,"I need your help. You see that mountain?" Odahviing grunted affirimative. "Well," Marcus said,"I need to get up there. Can you take me?" "Of course,"the dragon replied,"Get on." Marcus jumped on and they flew towards Snowpeak.

Chapter:9 Take Me Anywhere[edit]

When they landed Marcus stumbled off of Odahviing and walked up towards a small altar. Marcus examined it carefully. He saw a small bowl and he began to get to work. He drew a small vial and a dagger from his bag. "Firstly, the blood of a Daedra." he said, dropping a small star like object into the bowl. "Second, the blood of the servant." He poured the contents of the vial into the bowl saying,"Sorry, Barbas." He then raised his dagger saying,"Lastly, the blood of the human." And with that he slashed his arm wincing as his blood fell into the bowl. The area around him began to glow as a portal was formed. Marcus shielded his eyes hanging on to his bag tightly."Goodbye for now, Odahviing." And with that he jumped into the portal and was gone.

Chapter:10 Deus Ex Animus[edit]

When Marcus looked around, he saw a world that could be considered hell. Coldharbour was dark and brooding and the residents made it worse. He saw Twilights flying overhead and odd dragon like creatures walking on two feet. Marcus fished a book out of his pack and studied it. "Those must be Daedroths." he said. Marcus looked around a while and saw a fortress, Marcus decided that was the best place to go. And started walking in that direction. Marcus got confident that no one had noticed him and started running towards the fortress. That was his mistake. The Daedroths turned towards him and the Twighlights screeched and started coming at him. He groaned an began to sprint. He was getting closer to the fortress and was almost there. When his path was blocked by Daedroths. He began to turn but saw that he was cornered again. Twighlights circled overhead. To his left was a chasm and to his right was a steep cliff. "Well here goes nothing," Marcus said. And then he jumped into the chasm. The Daedra were stunned by his actions, and believing him to be dead, they walked away. Marcus, who had been holding onto a ledge hoisted himself back up and began to head to the fortress. When he reached the door he bashed it open with his hammer, Volendrung. "Never thought that this would come in handy. Guess it proved me wrong." He walked inside cautiously for a while until he entered what seemed to be a chapel and a throne room combined. With shock he realized this was the room from the vision. "But where is.." he began to say. But, he stopped when he saw two figures reveal themselves and walk towards him. Marcus put his hand on his axe, realizing that they were Arendil and the tall warrior. "Hello, Molag," Marcus said in a mocking way,"I see that you've been keeping well." Molag spit out,"Watch your tounge boy. Before I rip it out." Marcus replied,"How will you do that? With that stone on a stick."Marcus gestured towards the mace hanging from Molag's side. Molag said,"You've outstayed your welcome I'm afraid. Arendil, kill him." Arendil replied,"W..With pleasure, Lord." He turned readying his magic. Marcus leaped towards him swinging his axe. Alendir shot a bolt of lightning at him, which Marcus blocked by knocking a shield out of his bag and breaking the spell. Arendil began to charhge a spell, but it was too late. Marcus brought down his axe slashing the Altmer. Arendil let out a screech and fell to the ground. Molag began to walk towards Arendil. Arendil groaned,"My, Lord. Help me." "Oh, I'll help you," Molag replied walking towards him,"I will." And with that he drew his mace and before Marcus could react, the Prince had already brought down his weapon and the Altmer was dead. Marcus readied himself, thinking,"This'll be a tough fight. He's practically a god." "Come," Molag said to Marcus,"come and meet your fate." Marcus ran towards the Prince yelling. The Prince, with a lazy swing, knocked Marcus halfway across the room. Marcus shook it off and attacked again. He was beaten back, again.Just when Marcus was about to give up, something happened, his armor and weapons, besides the Rueful Axe, were disapearing, soon he was covered in the garb of his ancestor, he was dressed in the armor of the crusader.

Chapter 11:Ancestor's Fury[edit]

Marcus stared in front of him, thinking,"I must be seeing things. Who are those people?" In front of him he saw to men dressed in the same armor, they had an odd aura around them, and they were fighting Molag. Marcus jumped up and joined in the fray. He fought along the two, attacking hard until the Prince was on the ground, surrendering. One of the men gestured towards the Prince, saying,"Do what you came to do, Marcus." "Marcus walked towards the Prince, saying,"I believe we both know what I want." "Aye," the Prince replied,"Their souls shall be relinquished." Molag made a movement with his arms, and said,"It is done. Now leave." As they began to leave the tower, Marcus noticed that the two men were looking odd, sort of like thy were fading away, looking at his armor, it looked the same. Marcus yelped and looked at the man on his left,the man replied,"Don't worry. It's just the armor. As for us, we're going back." "Where? Who are you two? How did you know I was here?" Marcus asked. The man replied with,"Let's just say that we're both proud to have a descendant like you." And the two men faded away.

Chapter 12:Epilouge[edit]

Marcus returned to Skyrim, and with his dragon, Odahviing, he led the Legion against the Thalmor, who were revealed as worshippers and servants of Molag Bal, Molag planned to assist another Prince to conquer Nirn. The Thalmor were to be their army. Marcus discovered his true identity as the Dragonborn, and began to hunt the dragons. Marcus yearned to find the puppet master behind Molag Bal's plot.

Coming Soon[edit]

As the second book of a soon-to-be trilogy, To Kill a Nightingale.