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By Somercy


By Somercy

Alegna Vas-Cherchez was welcomed warmly whenever she got the chance to go to the Halfway Tavern (sometimes jokingly called Halfway In) in Pelagiad. After all, in her line of work, she always got such interesting stories to tell; she brought them all to the inn in exchange for her filn.

Drelasa Ramothran, the publican, grinned widely at seeing her, calling out a greeting: "Here comes the mighty exorcist, she who settles all souls!" She set a bottle of filn on the countertop, waiting for Alegna to start her story.

Alegna, all fine Breton grace, plopped down at the bar, frowning. "I don't really have a happy story today. In fact, it's really quite sad."

"Oh?" Drelasa raised an eyebrow. She was quite stubborn, and wouldn't let Alegna get away without a story. Her cool gaze met Alegna's dark eyes. Alegna rearranged her frothy dark curls, trying to decide if it was worth telling, if only to pay for her drink. Finally, she removed her red robe, which served her as a coat on cold day, and began to talk.

"Fine. I went to Mournhold, because the Temple Sewers were an issue. Someone heard weeping in a certain part. So, I take my torch, take an enchanted dagger, and I tromp on down there. It was dark, daedra-infested, and not very pleasant, that's for sure." Alegna shrugged, sipping at the filn with a feigned calm.

Drelasa laughed at the comment. "Is your job ever pleasant, dear?"

"Not often," Alegna grimaced comically. "So, in the sewers, I trip over this tatter-winged angel with blind, bleeding eyes."

"An angel?" Drelasa cocked her head to the side, frowning. She believed strongly in the Tribunal Temple, and though she'd heard of angels, the concept was still a foreign one to her.

"Like an unbound aedra, Dre," Alegna explained. "So, I offered to show it the way up to the Temple. It wouldn't go." She sighed. "It said it was guilty, but it wouldn't say what of." She watched Drelasa shudder, her eyes weighing the Dunmer for a moment, calling upon St. Seryn's mercy to steady her. Alegna finished her filn, and quietly left town again.