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Authors Note[edit]

This uses roman numerals, in order they are (translated to arabic numerals) 1, 5, 6, 15, 30, 31, 32, 38, 39, 40, 45, 46, 46, 2, 50, 60. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Diary of Jannessa Ar-Tivalen[edit]

Day I: Released today. It looks like they finally found out that I didn't kill that Khajiit; there's more I want to say, but I've arrived at the docks, so time to close it up for now.

Day V: I've been too sick to write in this for the past few days; according to the Imperials, someone named Jiub's been taking care of me, but I haven't met him yet, might see him tomorrow, though.

Day VI: It looks like Jiub's caught whatever I had - at least the Imperials won't let me in to see him.

Day XV: The Imperials let me see Jiub today. He's still weak, but he's getting better.

Day XXX: We're here, not much in town though, certainly nothing like Imperial City or even Bravil, hopefully though, it's simply that it's a small port.

Day XXXI: Met a wood elf named Fargoth today. The Imperials had stolen a ring of his; as thanks for my returning it he put in a good word with his friend Arrile who runs the tradehouse here.

Day XXXII: Found a tomb today - Samorayn I think it was, anyway, found an urn labeled "Lord Brinne" . The place freaked me out though, so I got what I could and got out of there.

Day XXXVIII: Got to Balmora today, but it was overrun by Daedra so I snuck out pretty fast, might head back tomorrow see if I can find someone alive.

Day 39 (XXXIX ? XXXIL ? XXXIXL ?): It wasn't that bad, only a few people that weren't guards died but Estirdalin, Marvyn Dren, Clagius Clanler and Ra'Virr all didn't get through it.

Day XL: There have been rumors of a pending invasion by the Nords.

Day XLV: Patrols have been spotted near Ald-Ruhn, but I don't know how recent the news is.

Author's Note[edit]

The following section is not based on in-game events even with the huge amount of console commands and glitch exploitation that I do. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Day XLVI: People have been saying that the messenger was hauled off to the Council Manor because House Hlaalu wants to cover up the fact that Ald-Ruhn has been destroyed already, on the one hand it seems far-fetched but with rising tensions between the great houses...

Day XLVI: Entry II: The messenger escaped from the Council Manor today but he was cut down before he got halfway across the plaza.

Day L: The Hlaalu tried to stop the next messenger but everyone heard what he said, some of the people that attacked Ald-Ruhn wore Hlaalu uniforms.

Day LX: I got out right after I made that last entry, was on the run for a while but I found someplace called Hlormaren, it's one of those ancient Dunmer ruins, I've been hiding there for the past few days, trying to make sense of the glowing pillar thing in here.

Date Unknown: I've been here for at least a month I found a slot in the pillar but I don't know what it's for if it isn't just damage.

Day After Previous Entry: I snuck into the dome tonight and found something that should fit into the depression.

16 Heartfire: Overheard them talking I've been here a month and a half. Anyway going to try putting that black crystal into the groove tonight.

16 Heartfire: Evening: Tried it about an hour ago and ended up here wherever that is. Tried putting the crystal back in the hole on this end but it didn't work maybe these things are one way or it might be one use.

17 Heartfire: Got caught in a sweep today apparently the Hlaalu-Nords are taking us to a base at Khartag Point.

<The following is a faithful transcript of what Jannessa Ar-Tivalen said while raving>

Shattered diamonds red as a rose

All draw bows!

Orcs on the ice burning rice

The bodies are swarming with mice!

Rats on the ships hunted with whips

Ware poison lips!

Traitors amongst the Dunmeri

I ask you this how did the Dwemer die?

In the dead of night we hunt Falmer

Dying in fur

From Akvir come Ka Po'Tun

Now we are done!


After many months in the camp at Khartag Point Jannessa Ar-Tivalen broke free and and gathered an army to overthrow the Hlaalu-Nords. The events of this story will be continued in Seer appearing in wiki-text when I get around to it :).