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The Prisonor Who Saved The World[edit]

Chapter 1 the prison[edit]

I awoke feeling drowsy cant seem to remember a thing when i saw a person he said that the guards were coming i did not know why? i saw a gaurd he opened the cell i tried to run out but he stopped me then the Emporor spoke to me he said i was spiecial i did'nt know why after the Emporor spoke to me then a guard said its your lucky day prisonor then he opened a secret passage we all went in after a while these people dressed in black and red armour started attacking us one of the guards died when all of the black and red people died they left me alone to DIE!!!!!!

Chapter 2 A Dungeon[edit]

standing there trembeling all of a sudden i heard a sqeak it was a rat i started attacking with the sword that the guard who died used the rat died i ventured into the dungeon...i saw another rat i attacked and it died then i saw a skeleton when i serched it i found some armour and put it on after i killed a few rats i saw 2 goblins then i saw some push logs i pushed them and the goblins died then i came to this big opening containing 4 goblins i killed 3 the last one was quite a challenge he had a staff after i killed it i took the staff then i left the dungeon

Chapter 3 the end of the prison[edit]

when the dungeon ended i saw the Emporor and his bodygaurds again i was so excited to be away from that cave then Baurus said carry this torch he lit the torch and gave it to me it lighted up the sanctum after deafeating more assasins we came to a dead end Baurus and Glenory went fight the assasins and said protect the Emporor the emporor said he knew that he was going to die and said take the Amulet of Kings to Jaffure then an assasin came out of nowhere and killed the emporor i killed him i blamed it on myself but Baurus said that this was his fault he gave me the key to the sewers i exited the sewers and there i was in the fresh air it felt so good

Chapter 4 On To Weynon Priory[edit]

there i was in the forest by some dirty sewers i had to travel to weynon priory baurus gave me a compass and it said go west to chorrol and i was exploring the world of tameriel on my way to chorrol i encountered a few wilderness inns and slept there finnally i reached weynon priory i took

the amulet to jaffure and he said "this cannot be " then i said "yes it is the amulet of Kings" he sent me to kvatch to get martin, the Emporors son

Chapter 5 kvatch in ruins[edit]

i arrived in kvatch the deadra had taken it overnight i was to late i thought martin was dead then right in front of the city gate was an Oblivion Gate i went in there were very wierd cretures in there then i saw a Human! i asked for his help and he helped me close the oblivion gate then i went in the chapel got martin and returned to weynon priory when we got there the mythic dawn agents slaughterd everyone except Jaffure and took the amulet of kings we saved jaffure and went to cloud ruler temple the blades home base

Chapter 6 Allies for bruma[edit]

when we arrived at cloud ruler temple martin said that the mythic dawn is gonna open a great outside bruma and then i said"we can't let what happened to kvatch happen here" he agreed then he told me to talk to jaffure about reinforcements for bruma the first city i past by was chorrol i closed the gate there and they sent soldiers i closed all the gates and then they had sent Chorrol,Cheydinhal,Leyawiin,Bravil,Anvil,Skingrad soldiers and even Kvatch sent a soldier then we charged to the battle field Deadra came out there was so much violence blood and gore people dying and then all three gates appeared and there it was a Great Gate to think that destroyed Kvatch i went in we had five min. until the siege Crawler would maneuver into tameriel and destroy the world i closed the Oblivion gate with just under a minute to spare. matin survived and we won

Chapter 7 opening the portal to paridise[edit]

after martin settled down at home base he told me that i needed to get elements to open paridice i had to go through the most hardest Dungeons to get the elements after i got the elements he opened the portal to paridise

Chapter 8 paridise[edit]

after entering paridice i was approched by a dremona i killed him and got the bands of the chosen 50% fire weakness but i had to were them to get into the forbitten grotto after that a met a mythic dawn prisoner and he led me through the grotto and removed the bands of the chosen and assisted me in fighting mankar camoran.

Chapter 9 getting the amulet of kings back[edit]

we entered mankar camorons palace killed him and took the amulet of kings and we were transported back to the real world the mythic dawn prisonor was left behind i felt kinda sorry for him but there was no way i could save him

Chapter 10 temple of the one [edit]

we entered the imperial city and went to the palace high chancellar ocato greeted Emporor Martin then a messenger came in and said the Imperial city is under attack by daedra me and some other gaurds escorted martin to the temple district from there it was up to me... yes me... they put the world in the hands of a prisonor... who got out of prison by luck... from there on i took martin to the temple of the one he told me that merunes dagon arrived and that he must shatter the amulet of kings to beat merunes dagon the he went to the center of the temple of the one and turned in to Akotashes avatar,A Dragon he beat merunes dagon but before he died he told me that he could not of done it with out me


the savior is now living in chorrol and is very praised because he saved the world! he is living a peaceful life at weynon Priory

The End