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Home City Baltimore
Location Twin Moon Shrine
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 15 Class Uncommoner
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health 180 Magicka 112
Essential It's possible, you never know
Faction(s) Writer's Guild, Soaring Fist School, House Munster
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pie eating American.
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Hi, I'm Twenty Fists. I do Tae Kwon Do, hence the name. I'm going for my black belt soon, too, which is pretty cool, I guess.

Anywho, anyone who has a dim recollection of me will know that I didn't have a major impact on this site, which is cool with me. I don't really think I'm needed here, and so I probably won't be contributing any time soon, although I'll be sure to come here if I ever need to know anything Elder Scrolls related (I'd be a fool not to). I first found this site before it moved to the wiki format, and now I don't really need it, except for when I need Elder Scrolls Lore.

So I guess this is goodbye. However, I would like to thank the people here for being so supportive, especially HMSVictory and Nephele. After wetting my feet here, I moved on to other sites. I'll leave my fan fictions up for anyone who wants to read them. They can also be found on, by an author named "Twentyfists" (surprise, surprise, it's me). If you're interested, look there for more, hopefully better stories. If anyone needs me, I can be found at Tranquility Lane, the Fallout Fanon Wiki. Please contact me there first. I'd say that's about it. Seeya on the flip side!

Why am I here?[edit]

I joined UESP because I visit the site to get help and I wanted to get more involved. I want to post some fan fiction on the site, and I also wanted some personal help for modding Morrowind. I suppose I could have had better reasons, but, in any case, here I am.

The Elder Scrolls and Myself[edit]

I really liked Morrowind, and, by reading a lot of books and talking to a lot of people (as well as visiting the website), I've become pretty knowledgeable in Elder Scrolls lore. I have Oblivion for the 360 and Morrowind for the Xbox, and I recently got the game of the year edition for the computer. I'm trying to mod, so I would really appreciate any help, although I may not be on the site much. Currently, I'm trying to figure out a way to make a magicka regeneration mod for Morrowind so that magicka regenerates the same way as in Oblivion. I don't know much about code either, so I would like some help there as well.

My Morrowind Characters[edit]

Arax Arathrax--level 4. Arax Arathrax is a High Elf mage of unknown parentage. He has exceptionally powerful magical abilities for one as weak as himself.

Nidud Boar-Face--level 18. Nidud Boar-Face is a Nord warrior and member of the Fighter's Guild. He wears powerful armor and is feared by citizens of Vvardenfell for his ability to walk through walls.

Bolendar--level 4. A Bosmer Thief of no great renown.

My Oblivion Characters[edit]

Galahad--level 36. Galahad is a Redguard member of the elite Wanderer class, and is by far one of the most famous Wanderers ever. He is an exceptional smith and light armored fighter, and is also renowned for his skill in martial arts and swordsmanship. He trained under Master Taren Omothran in Morrowind before coming to Cyrodiil. He is a famous vampire hunter and spent over a fortnight as a vampire to learn how to best hunt his prey. Many consider him to be one of the most powerful beings in Cyrodiil.

Leila--level 23. Leila is a high elf mage who is also learning how to fight with blades. She is known for being skilled in the schools of Conjuration and Alteration. Currently she is trying to use magic to become a Daedric Prince(ss).

Gorchalas--level 2. A Bosmer Assassin. Has gone slightly crazy after making contact with Sheogorath. May commit suicide.

Tristram--level 14. Tristram is a Redguard Warrior who is well-known for driving Umaril the Unfeathered from Tamriel. Tristram is now working on freeing Cyrodiil from Mehrunes Dagon.

My Ideas[edit]

I've decided to write down my fanfiction ideas so that I can keep track of them. My story Furious is already posted on the site, so I'm guessing that, if they liked it, they may want to know what I'm going to write next.

Idea 1-I'm writing a story about a freelance adventurer and his mage friend as they hunt down a group of vampires in Leyawiin.

Idea 2-Perhaps a sequel to Furious?

My Sandboxes[edit]

Sandbox I-a rant I may include in a fanfiction.

Sandbox II--the beginning of a fanfiction story.