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Introductory Explanations[edit]

T letter.pnghe following journal was found in a small path in the Colovian Highlands. Fortunately, the blood spilled in it didn't impaired the understanding of the actual texts. It was written by a Breton called Edwyn, according to the documents found in the caravan he was escorting.

This text was found by a Bosmer scholar who lives in Cheydinhal, Boroneth. Her researches took her close to the place it was left. She picked it up and made copies to sell and preserve this man's memory.

Edwyn, The Spellsword[edit]

13th of First Seed, 4E 137[edit]

M letter.pngy travels finally have taken me to Cyrodiil. My companions and I are resting this night in the cheapest inn at Bruma. We had some mead after renting a room and Ancus told me we were out of resources. Damn these Daggerfall pigs! Up in Wayrest we don't eat like this. The group is too tired and we don't have enough money to buy the finest food. This city seems good to me for staying for a few days. I should talk to the count tomorrow, see if he needs anything. Maybe we could earn some gold.

15th of First Seed, 4E 137[edit]

J letter.pngust felt in a bandit trap. The Breton steel was washed with blood today. The two nord brothers died with the archers. Now we're only 4. Me and Ancus, we should search the bandit's corpses for something of value. The elf must grab the wood and light a camp fire. I will ask Elara if she can mount the tents. At least the bandits are dead and the count will give me the coin.

17th of First Seed, 4E 137[edit]

Z letter.pngenithar has blessed us! We have been rewarded twice by that dirty count. The bandits we've killed were the same who have been murdering some traders and stealing caravans. The bounty on their heads was 2000 gold pieces, but now we've got 4000. We will take the road back to Wayrest tomorrow and see our families again. The group is worried about Ancus, his wife has got Ataxia and Mara's priestess are too busy working as the healers of Wayrest's soldiers on Orsinium. Orcs can only disturb our people. May the Gods aid us in our cleanness.

25th of First Seed, 4E 137[edit]

I letter.png've received a letter from my beloved Gwynyn. Oh, Mara, how I miss her! The others got letters too, but Elara don't seem to be satisfied with her letter. Sadly, that's what happens when your girlfriend act coldly and you keep talking about your love for her. Ancus and the elf have been taken by homesick and we can't wait to be back to Wayrest. The boats are already waiting us in Heagathe. We should arrive soon.

1st of Rain's Hand, 4E 137[edit]

I letter.png can't stand the sea! Since we left Stros M'kai, this filthy ship is filled with boredom. We Bretons know how to have fun at night in lonely seas. My companions always start talking in a small circle and telling stories about High Rock's most honorable men and women. Father even used to say I should be born in Skyrim as a nord and become a skald! The redguards? Boring people, can only talk about fightings and how their martial law is more efficient than High Rock's "endless political impasses". I'm sure they don't appreciate the funny "mead talks" as we do.

19th of Rain's Hand, 4E 137[edit]

W letter.pnge're just arriving! I can see the very walls of my hometown! Wayrest is very close to us! I'm so glad the group is back. Once we get around we should visit our families and rest for a month or two since the money we've earned is enough for everyone. Oh, these mountains give me such great feelings! I can only thank Stendarr for his endless mercy and such blessings.

2nd of Second Seed, 4E 137[edit]

A letter.pnglmost fifteen days have passed since our return. My beloved city is as busy as it was. Thank the Divines! Dear Gwynyn is still pretty and helpful as well. I thank Mara and Dibela daily for our marriage and happiness! Family is fine. Mother can't stop to talk about business and asking me about things in the Imperial City. Mostly I've kept a routine which makes me feel more relaxed, but I must search for another job. Maybe something to take me to the mountains between Evermor in High Rock, Dragonstar in Hammerfell and Markarth in Skyrim. That's it! Tomorrow I'll ask my uncle in the market if he needs me to escort one of his caravans.

3rd of Second Seed, 4E 137[edit]

U letter.pngncle Tristore offered me a nice job: escort a caravan to Solitude. I'll prepare my baggage for another journey. The group will be gathered tomorrow! I just can't wait to see my partners! Uncle told me to find the caravan master at a tavern close to the eastern gate. I'm so excited!

4th of Second Seed, 4E 137[edit]

I letter.png was told to escort an Altmer named Salmo Gaeal to Solitude with my partners. The road should not be too dangerous as this route is very common among traders. We will receive a good bit of gold and maybe find a caravan on the way back to Wayrest and come back with another job. I took the rest of the day to say goodbye to Gwynyn. We should have a very special dinner or something to record while her presence will be far from me. It's very hard to find work away from home, but fortunately I may come back often.

7th of Second Seed, 4E 137[edit]

H letter.pngow I was mistaken! We decided to cross the mountains by a shortcut and camp in what we thought was a secure cave, but vampires had assaulted us at dawn. I was hunting some goats for breakfast and found out my companions' throats torn apart. There was no blood left and one of these beasts has attacked me. My blade was stuck onto his chest and I kept stabbing the beast's body as it was agonizing in pain. All my revoltion turned into fear as I heard a number of steps in the way to the cave. It should have been more vampires searching for his fellow. As my comrade's bodies rot I had to run for my very life. On the way out I was spotted and five or six of the creatures tried to catch me while I was going as fast as I could.

I'm so sorry, my friends. I couldn't even bury your corpses. I couldn't take any keepsake from you. Nothing to send to your families in Wayrest. Now I'm far from home, completely lost in this wilderness. A huge mix of snow, rocks and cold wind. I have no idea of my whereabouts and by which direction lies the nearest town. I have only my sword, a bow, five arrows and the clothes in my body.

9th of Second Seed, 4E 137[edit]

T letter.pnghe beasts have taken me. I tried as hard as I could, but they always approached at night. Yesterday's night I've killed two of the gang. One of them had a log. These vampire gang was following us! Damned animals! Fate have been too tough on me. This night I killed two more, but a piece of my fighting arm was hurt in battle. Bastards infected my flesh! I'm so scared! This can't be happening!

11th of Second Seed, 4E 137[edit]

S letter.pngun rises and a strange sensation comes to me. I had nightmares at night and bizarre visions at day. I must be paranoid... or infected. My blood is becoming scarce and soon I will search for human flesh. Hunger will turn my reason into insanity. There has to be a town or a village nearby! I need help, I need a priest!

7th of Midyear, 4E 137[edit]

B letter.pngy my conjectures, I must have been buried by the townsfolk of Karthwasten. I can easily remember coming to the tavern, asking for a bed and entering in a very deep sleeping. But nothing more! Woke up in a nord burial site alone in the freezing Skyrim's cold! Some hunters were around and invited me to their camp. Told me I was cold as the snow and thin as a stick. Suddenly a strange desire came at me overwhelmingly and I couldn't control my will. The necks of the hunters were now opened and waves of blood were flowing in my mouth. I had the best sensation I could imagine and felt so strong.

Realized I've became a bloodsucking beast. I felt hatred and repugnance. As a creature of the night, I felt strong and vigorous, but I couldn't recognize myself no more. The month has roughly passed and I have no further perspective.

15th of Midyear, 4E 137[edit]

A letter.pngfter this unusual week, my unlife has finally began. Some of the villagers of Karthwasten were bitten by me and I believe I'm a suspect. I'm a foreigner and these neck bites started with my arrival. I must escape.

21st of Midyear, 4E 137[edit]

T letter.pngook the road by dawn and was only seen by a drunken guard. Before the sun had risen, a strange man approached me and he told me to follow him. He was wearing a cowl and a robe. Both black. I couldn't see his face, but his voice suggested he was an old man. He took me to a cavern. There was blood in the walls and in a while we were inside a macabre shine to Molag Bol. Most of the people inside looked just like me.

A small vampire clan. Rabble filthy beasts. I tried to runaway when they started some sort of initiation ritual. I won't be a vampire! I just wish to get cured!

Oh, but every time my hunger is satisfied, I feel so strong. It must be the best sensation of this world. Taste like uhhh. Well, I just couldn't stay there and join that beasts.

They noticed me trying to escape and I'm being hunted again. Fortunately I could make it to the Colovian. Soon I will search for help in the Imperial City and get cured of this heinous disease. There must be someone there, I need this so badly!

Uthywyr (talk) 02:40, 13 November 2013 (GMT)