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Hi peoples. I am back after a break from Oblivion and Morrowind (playing Fallout 3 instead) so now that I'm back online, every now and again, I can contribute in a few ways, although thats unlikely.


Oblivion is legendary. I have played this game over and over again but nothing compares to it! By far the best game I have ever played and my personal favourite game ever. I don't always play this but it is a big part of my playing time. Fallout 3 and Dragon age: origins come close, as does Fable 2 but I generally spend quite a bit of time on the pc version, messing with console commands and editing the construction set.

About me[edit]

Hi. I'm Nathaniel Pollitt, 14 from Manchester. I play (as seen above) Oblivion and Morrowind. I prefer Oblivion but there you go.

User-userbox-Oblivion.png This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion.
Flag England.png This user is from England.
MaleIcon.png This user is male.
Arch-Mage This user is knowledgeable about the Mages guild.
Listener This user is knowledgeable about the Dark Brotherhood.
DF-prince-Clavicus Vile.gif This user prefers deadra to the nine divines and Clavicus above most others.
OB-icon-Summonskeleton.png This users characters are all skilled in conjuration.

Character profiles[edit]

Profile of 3 main characters below.

Birthplace Blackmarsh.
Home cities IC.
Race and Age Argonian. 36.
Allegiances and Friends None.
Level 27.
Gender Male.
Class Nomad.
Faction(s) None.
Fame 21
Infamy 0
Birthplace Morrowind.
Home cities None.
Race and Age Darkelf.
Allegiances and Friends Cheydinhal sanctuary.
Hated people Adoring fan.
Level 13.
Gender Male
Class Archer.
Fame 56
Infamy 0
Julius Mireshank(00000000)
[Juslius Mirshank]
Birthplace Imperial City.
Home citie(s) Skingrad.
Race and Age Imperial. 21
Allegiances and Friends Mages guild, Adamus Phillidia, Hieronymus Lex, Thoronir, Reynald Jemane, Gaston Surilie, Davide Surilie, Tamika, Owyn, Dar Jee, Count Indarys.
Hated people Any criminals, Adoring fan.
Level 6.
Gender Male
Class Count (custom class).
Respons. Extremely high. Any crime he will report, anyone he will suspect and no one shall he trust unless they are of noble blood.
Agress. Quite high. Despite hating weapons and criminals, like bandits, he can lose his rag easily.
Faction(s) Mages Guild; Fighters Guild
Fame 120
Infamy 0

Question section[edit]

Small note: I will post questions here instead of on your talk pages. That way I can just delete it and it won't clog up your talk page.