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Welcome to my new story which is also my first! It is of course called Secrets Revealed and it is about a group of soldiers who discover a secret and then quit their jobs and become a wanted raid group known as the Bloody Skarr Group.


A group of soldiers are tasked to do an investigation at a Alyeid ruin called Fanacasecul about recent deaths in the area.They agreed and started their dangerous trek to the investigation area.The Soldiers names are as follows

  • Magieka - The Advanced Altmer Mage clad in imperial robes.
  • Moog-Gubgrolt - The idiot Orc Blunt expert who uses Glass Warhammers.
  • Aikith - The Quick Bosmer Archer who uses a set of Elven Bows and arrows.
  • Cirepize - The Breton Rookie who is an Journey Man with Shortswords like his Enchanted Silver Shortsword.
  • Nild Queunn - The Argonian who fights with Daggers and is a Master too.Does the underwater parts.
  • Ulothey - The Imperial Leader of the squad who Fights with poisoned Food and Traps.
  • Iache Etano - The Dunmer Scout who uses Glass Bows and Arrows and is a master Archer.

This Elite force of Units rushed into the alyeid ruin to find it empty and quiet as the passageway collapsed. 'Hold it' Ulothey said
Everyone was quiet
'Hear that?'
"nope' Cirepize Responded hiding his fear
'Exactly, wait' he said as he wandered close to a statue at the moment the statue collapsed and fell towards Ulothey direction, at the same time the door opened and a mysterious figure jumped in.

Chapter 1-10 = Ziguildmaster/SecretsRevealedchapter1-10
chapter 11-20 = not made yet.