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Alduin Approaches[edit]

As I looked upon the sky

the bell began to sound.

The smoke filled the air

as my heart began to pound.

The arrows were being fired

but none of them hit,

for the beast was too large

for an arrow to split.

My thoughts were not with me,

as they told me to flee,

for the men were dying

charred by the dragon’s spree.

I ran through the streets,

between rubble and burned wood,

clearing the smoke out of my way

when I saw the lizard stood.

Mistaken I was for taking it as a block,

for it was something that gave me a shock.

The dragon looked at me, for him I was a helpless little cub;

I fell back and hid behind a shrub.

From the shrub I found a way out,

sad for me seeing the fire and to rout.

Thought did I not to make it flout,

“Help” was what I made a shout.

And then I saw a man in cloak

a ranger from a camp near the brook.

He jumped from the roof,

to pick me up in a scoop.

From the roof I moved with the ranger fast.

To reach what he said to be safe,

though for me it was the lake.

Is it as I imagine, or a path to the dragon’s stash.

Hesitate I did much though “Jump” said the ranger,

trusting him I dived at the lake

and then I moved to the shore,

into the forest, away from danger.

Hidden History[edit]

Uranus Powder[edit]

In the 3rd Era and year 103, inside a small mine built under the big peaks of the Jerall Mountains; Some nords and imperials alike mined for gold and silver. It was just then that a miner named Uranus found a powder-like substance with a blue-green color.

Some wizards took the powder and foiled it in a black paper, they when hit with a hammer burned with a lot of heat. The powder was named Uranus Powder an it's sale was quite popular among smiths. Some wizards meanwhile theorized that it they were hit with a strong lightning spell, they would give a lot of energy to fuel 100 black soul gems. However, when they did; they were cursed and their own flesh rebelled against them and killed them.

The disease was identified as a disease that causes the skin to become crab-like and thus was named cancer. In terms of science, Uranus powder was radioactive and so it was renamed to Uranium.

Now we know that the wizards attempted the first nuclear reaction and the arcane university where they did so became the first nuclear power plant.