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Throwing Weapons are one type of weapon governed by the Marksman skill. A complete list of throwing weapons, including enchanted and unique ones, is also available. Other marksman weapons are described at Bows and Arrows and Crossbows and Bolts.

Name ID Weight Value Damage
Iron Throwing Knife Iron Throwing Knife iron throwing knife 0.3 3 1−3
Chitin Throwing Star Chitin Throwing Star chitin throwing star 0.1 3 2−3
Steel Throwing Knife Steel Throwing Knife † steel throwing knife 0.3 4 1−4
Steel Dart Steel Dart steel dart 0.2 6 2−5
Steel Throwing Star Steel Throwing Star steel throwing star 0.1 3 2−5
Silver Dart Silver Dart silver dart 0.2 6 2−5
Silver Throwing Star Silver Throwing Star silver throwing star 0.2 16 2−5
Glass Throwing Knife Glass Throwing Knife glass throwing knife 0.2 25 1−6
Glass Throwing Star Glass Throwing Star glass throwing star 0.1 20 2−9
Ebony Dart Ebony Dart ebony dart 0.4 2,000 2−10
Ebony Throwing Star Ebony Throwing Star ebony throwing star 0.2 2,000 2−10
Daedric Dart Daedric Dart daedric dart 0.4 4,000 2−12

† In the unpatched version of Morrowind, Steel Throwing Knives appear identical to Steel Daggers. Subsequent patches restore this weapon to its proper appearance.

Darts: Daedric, Ebony, Silver, Steel
Throwing knives: Glass, Iron, Steel
Throwing stars: Chitin, Ebony, Glass, Silver, Steel