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Castameloria Stirk
(RefID: xx0013F7)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
House Stirk Manor
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 12 Class Savant
RefID xx0013F7 BaseID xx003629
Other Information
Health 99 Magicka 150
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07StirkF; Tr07StirkFamilyF
Castameloria in Stirk Manor

Castameloria Stirk, an Imperial noble, is the eldest daughter of Captain Cassius Stirk III. She lives in the family house, Stirk Manor, and seems to be the one in charge of most of the family business. During the related quest, she will help you save the Amatiuses' relationship by giving you another item to search for.

Castameloria is a hard-working, pious woman, and her daily routine mirrors just that. After waking up early at 6am, she will head downstairs where she will be found wandering around, checking everything is in its place and unlocking the front door. At 8am, she locks up and heads back upstairs to enjoy a two-hour breakfast in the dining room. Once she's full, she'll unlock the front door and head to the graveyard on Stirk's western coast to pray in front of Alessia Stirk's tombstone. At midday, she will make her way back to the manor, where she will spend the rest of the day pacing in the entry hall. On Fredas, she will leave the house at 4pm, lock up, and head for the chapel for four hours of quiet prayer. At 10pm, she calls it a day, locks the front door and heads to her bed in the easternmost bedroom.

As befits a woman of her standing, Castameloria wears upper-class attire consisting of a blue silk shirt, matching pants and blue suede shoes. She also carries a sizable amount of gold and the manor key.

When you first meet her, she will greet you by saying: "I'm Castameloria Stirk, eldest of Cassius Stirk's children. My uncle Cartello says he's too busy at the fort, so I manage the family affairs." When asked about Stirk, she will tell you one of many generic responses.

If you ask her about the Amatiuses, she will suggest an item as well as a possible location: "You've heard about their trouble? It's become very taxing on Selvia. Every little thing bothers her now. Just the other day, she was telling me about her favorite silver ring, she can't find it anywhere. And Jonuni just doesn't know what to do about it anymore. Poor things. If I had the time, I would find a silver ring and have him give it to her. Why don't you do that? It'd be just splendid of you! I last saw one in the Stirk manor." If you have already spoken with either Alenion Eulius or Dupineon, she will be delighted: "By the Nine, that's a marvelous idea! The other day, she lost a silver ring, it was her favorite. You could get another one for Jonuni to give her. Keep up the good work!"

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