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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
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Value 0 Weight 2
Found in the following locations:

Therander Polle claimed that one of his miners stole three gold nuggets from a chest in his house. Guards searched both of the miner's shacks as well as each miner, but turn up no gold. All miners were fined at Captain Stirk's request.

Selvia Amatius complained that Horacia Eulius broke a priceless antique vase. All parties were questioned.

Jafan spoke of an odd smell blowing in from the north side of the island. He says it smells distinctly of Greugh, some monster from south Valenwood or something. He proceeded to rant exuberantly about his exploits against something or other and how he met his wife.

Selvia Amatius again, this time with a stolen flower. After an investigation the flower was found -- by this time wilted -- under Selvia's bed.

Sevellus Stirk [sic] and Dupineon lost a chest over the side of the docks. No action has been taken thus far, but one would have to go under the docks to retrieve it.

Hannia Kynarius claimed that some one tried to murder her dog. Guards were sent to investigate.

Horacia Eulius has reported a robbery. She was questioned for details, but little evidence was obtained.

Horacia and Amarius Eulius have reported a robbery of the bookshop. Little was stolen, though everything was displaced, and little evidence was obtained.