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Interim Captain Cartello Stirk
(RefID: xx0013FB)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
House Stirk Manor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 10 Class Noble
RefID xx0013FB BaseID xx00E56C
Other Information
Health 98 Magicka 112
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07StirkF; Tr07FortStirkF; Tr07StirkFamilyF
Interim Captain Cartello Stirk in Fort Stirk

Interim Captain Cartello Stirk, an Imperial noble, is Stirk's military commander and the head of the Legion on the island.

Stirk's tranquility suits Cartello just fine, since it means he won't have to stress much. He also doesn't seem to like life at the Fort, as he finds every excuse to return to the Manor. After waking up late at 11am, he exits the mansion and heads to the Fort. As soon as he gets there, he turns round and heads back home, where he will eat lunch until 2pm. After returning to the Fort, he will be found in the entry hall until 8pm, when he takes another break and goes for dinner back home until 10pm. He then sets off for the Fort once again, does one last daily check of the entry hall and then heads back to the Manor. Once there, he heads to the master bedroom on the first floor of the mansion, removes his armor and claymore, and sleeps for a good twelve hours. There are only two exceptions to this schedule: on the 14th of every month, he will break off from his exhausting routine to sip Tamika wine with Therander Polle in Stirk Manor's upper veranda. As soon as you hear about the Kintyra II from Helga Open-Legs, he will immediately stop what he's doing to seek you out and offer you a job.

Although he isn't exactly active, Cartello still dresses in full gear every day. He wears an almost-complete set of Imperial Watch armor--cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, boots and shield--and wields a silver claymore. He also carries a spare set of upper-class clothing to sleep in: a blue silk shirt, matching pants and gold trimmed shoes. He also carries the manor key and 5 or 6 gold coins.

When you first meet him he will strive to show his legitimacy as commander and will omit the first part of his title: "I'm Captain Cartello Stirk, head of the Legion on this fine island. But if you have any complaints, go see Orenius Philo". His dismissive attitude extends to his opinion of the island: "I am very proud to serve Stirk. But please direct any complaints to my Lieutenant, Orenius Philo."

Once he finds during the related quest he will say: "Hello there, uh... good citizen. I've heard you've learned something about the Kintyra II. I would be grateful if you told me." When you inform him about the ship wreck, he seems more worried about a helmet shipment than of the death of his own brother, saying, "Oh that's terrible news. Terrible news. My brother was aboard that ship, I suppose this means he won't be returning to take captaincy again. That ship was also carrying an important delivery, new helmets for the guards. If the ship is not far from Stirk, I suppose you could go and find them. I'm sure it's what my brother would have wanted. Would you do that for me?" This will add The Lost Delivery to your journal. Once you retrieve the helmets he will reward you with 50 gold and remark, "Excellent, I'll take them now. Uh, here you are."

His lazy attitude is well know among the Stirk townsfolk, and many can be heard commenting, "I must admit I've never seen Captain Cartello doing much". Alessia Ottus, however, in her Guide to Stirk, has a rather higher opinion of him and will cite his "enormous efforts into reviving the fort".

Related Quests[edit]


  • The in-game loading screen for Fort Stirk will also hint at Cartello's inactivity: "The Stirk garrison is home to Captain Cartello Stirk. A descendant of Admiral Armondian Stirk, he falls short of living up to his family's name."
  • Once you finish The Lost Delivery and inform Cartello of his brother's death, he will immediately drop the initial part of his name and be known simply as "Captain Cartello Stirk".