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Miners' Shack
Console Location Code(s)
Tr07i003MinerShack01, Tr07i003MinerShack02
The Miners' Shacks

Miners' Shack is the name given to each of the two lowly abodes that serve as a home for the miners of Polle Gold Mine. They are found near Stirk's south-western coast, next to Polle Gold Mine and Therander Polle's house

The interior of western shack
The interior of eastern shack

Each of the two shacks houses up to four miners and therefore tend to be quite cramped. The western is called home by Rogkuroth gro-Budok, Marks, Samalt and Sernas while the eastern one houses Byrd, Brodey and M'Hiiko.

The eastern shack consists of one large room which serves as dining area and sleeping quarters. To the left of the entrance are four bedrolls; while one of them isn't used, you still cannot use it yourself. On the right is the dining table where a meager selection of common food is on display, topped off by a bottle or two of cheap wine. A few beer and ale bottles can also be found littering the floor.

Although it is the larger of the two, the western shack is structured just like the eastern one: an open space serving both as dining room and sleeping area. To the right of the door are two bedrolls; on either end of the dining table. In the north-western corner is a cupboard and a few storage containers. To the left are two more bedrolls and a sitting area near a fireplace. A few alcohol bottles and lower-class clothes can be found scattered around. Being the mine's foreman, Rogkuroth has a small area set aside for him on the far left side of the shack. It consists of a bed, a chest containing 5 gold nuggets and a chest of drawers. On top of the latter sits a copy of Redemption, Volume II.

Shack People[edit]

Miners' Shacks
Rogkuroth gro-Budok


  • Although Winston certainly qualifies as a miner and indeed is listed in the CS as one of the NPC refs in the eastern shack, he isn't granted access to the shack because he is not part of the relevant faction.