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Stirk Chapel
Console Location Code(s)
Tr07i004Chapel01, Tr07i004Chapel02
Stirk Chapel

Stirk Chapel is the only chapel on Stirk, located near the center of the island. It is found to the east of the Residential District, close to Eulius Brothers' Book Store.

Stirk Chapel after the fire

The chapel is the center of Stirk's spiritual life and many among the townsfolk come to pray throughout the day. Father Ambrogio is the only priest here. Unlike many of his Cyrodiil counterparts, he doesn't offer any services related to Restoration.

In its structure, it is similar to many of the wilderness priories found in Cyrodiil. The main hall consists of rows of benches lined up on the sides; at the front an altar from which you can receive a blessing and on the right a table with all that is needed for the services: religious text books, wine and bread.

Just to the right when entering is a ladder leading to the top of the chapel, from here you will have a privileged view over Stirk's residential quarter. In front, to the left, is a locked trapdoor leading to Father Ambrogio's quarters. Here you will find various storage, a dining table with a bottle of Tamika Vintage 415 and his bed, as well as a key-requiring door to Polle Gold Mine Upper Shaft. Once you enter, the ladder to return to the chapel requires a key, which Father Ambrogio keeps on his person. To avoid being stuck, enter only when he is present.

During The Abandoned Miner quest, you will bring Zeek's remains here for decent burial. During the Therander Polle quest Father in Trouble a fire will spark in the Chapel and it will be completely destroyed.

Chapel People[edit]

Father Ambrogio

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