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Hackle-lo is a succulent leaf of the Grazelands, prized both for its taste and its roborative powers.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:

Hackle-lo Leaf

Hanging Moss[edit]

Hanging Moss inside a dungeon

A wall clinging plant found growing abundantly all across Skyrim.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:

Hanging Moss

Harrada Root[edit]

A Typical Harrada Root

Harrada Root is a plant native to the Deadlands, where it grows both outdoors and in caves. It will swipe its spiky roots as a defense mechanism.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:



The berries from this plant are used in making poultices to aid the wounded. They are found near the settlement of Westtry in Glenumbra

Found in:



Heather is a common low evergreen shrub of the Ascadian Isles, known for its small, pinkish-purple flowers.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:



A grandmother hibiscus.

These lovely red flowers can be found in several regions across Tamriel. They are popular garden flowers in certain parts of The Rift

Found in:


Hist Tree

The Hist are a species of giant spore trees growing in the innermost swamps of Black Marsh.

For more information, see the main article.

Hist Bulb[edit]

Hist Bulbs

Hist Bulbs are a species of plants native to Murkmire and possibly other parts of Black Marsh. They have a bioluminescence and produce a natural insect salve when threatened.[1]

It is unknown if they are related to the Hist.

Holly Bush[edit]

Holly Bushes

Holly Bush is very common shrub that grows alongside bushes all across Solstheim.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:

Holly Berry

Horn Lily[edit]

Horn Lily

Horn Lilies are a purple flowering plant, domesticated by citizens of Mournhold.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:

Horn Lily Bulb

Hummingbird Mint[edit]

A Hummingbird Mint plant.

These orange flowering plants make lovely garden flowers, and are cultivated in many parts of Tamriel.

Found in:

Hydnum Azure[edit]

Hydnum Azure Plants

Hydnum Azure are a bluish purple, spore producing shelf mushroom found growing in the Mania region of the Shivering Isles.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:

Hydnum Azure Giant Spore

Hypha Facia[edit]

Hypha Facia Plant

Hypha Facia is a light brown shelf fungus collected from the trunks of trees in the Bitter Coast Region.

Found in:

Harvested Ingredient:

Hypha Facia

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