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The Reman Dynasty was founded by Reman Cyrodiil after he defeated the Akaviri invasion of Tamriel at the battle of Pale Pass in 1E 2703. Until that point, Tamriel had been divided into several small kingdoms, but once Reman had brought the armies of Colovia and the Nibenay Valley together to defeat the invasion, he was able to unite all of Tamriel's human inhabitants in the face of possible aggression from the Altmer.[1]

Although the Battle of Pale Pass established Reman as the leading power in Tamriel, many parts of the continent refused to acknowledge his rule. Valenwood was not subdued until 1E 2714.[2] In 1E 2811, Cyrodilic forces defeated the last organized army of Argonians at the Battle of Argonia, and the following year saw Argonia admitted to the Empire as a province under the name "Black Marsh".[3] The rest of the province was conquered piecemeal, with the whole area passing under Imperial control in 1E 2837.[4]

The last war of conquest began in around 1E 2840 when Reman II began an attempt to bring Morrowind, the only province outside Imperial control, into the empire. Progress was slow, and the three living gods of Morrowind's Tribunal, Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil proved to be extremely capable leaders. By 1E 2920, both sides were approaching exhaustion and after the Empire captured the fortress of Ald Marak, a truce was agreed to bring an end to the war.[5]

In the aftermath of the battle, both Reman III and his heir, Prince Juilek, were assassinated on the orders of Potentate Versidue-Shaie, bringing an end to the Reman Dynasty and instigating the period of the Second Empire known as the Akaviri Potentate.[5] Reman I, II and III were entombed in a chamber deep within Sancre Tor, along with two other unknown emperors.[6][nb 1]

Reman Bloodline[edit]

Name Born Crowned Died
Reman I  ? [nb 2] 1E 2703 [1] 1E 2762 [7]
Kastav  ? 1E 2762 [nb 3] 1E 2812 [8]
Reman II 1E 2794 [9] 1E 2805, 1E 2806, or 1E 2812 [9][10][nb 4] 1E 2843 [11] or 1E 2851 [9]
Brazollus Dor [nb 5]  ? 1E 2843 [11][12] or 1E 2851 [9] 1E 2877 [13][12]
Reman III  ? 1E 2877 [13] 1E 2920 [5]


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