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As seen around 3E 427

The Ring of Phynaster was made by the Hero-god of the Altmer, Phynaster.[1] With the Ring and a new walking technique he discovered, Phynaster was able to live for hundreds of years.[1][2] The Ring boosts the wearers resistance to poison, shock damage, and magicka.[1] The Ring was also cursed by Phynaster so that it eventually disappears from its holder's possession.[1]

In 3E 427 the Nerevarine found the Ring in Senim Ancestral Tomb on the corpse of Pop Je.[3]

Previous Owners:[edit]


  • In early cut drafts for ESO's south Summerset zone of Varyllis, the Maormer had banished Auri-El from his place in the sky, so High Kinlady Astraela of Dusk helped in forging Phynaster's Ring from pieces of the Shattered Crown, which was spread throughout crypts in the city, to return the deity to his rightful place.[UOL 1]

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