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Location Abamath
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Arithiel is a Bosmer who is initially found in a cage in the north part of the ruins of Abamath. When freed, she instructs you to gather the Welkynd stones around the campsites to open the ruins and stop the Worm Cult from summoning Mauloch.

It is later revealed that she is a former member of the Cult, and after they manipulated her into killing her own family, she turned on them to atone for her crimes. Boethiah later gives you the option of killing her to open the barrier to the Shrine of Mauloch, or sparing her and sacrificing any Worm Cultist in the ruins.

Related Quests[edit]


You'll first meet her locked in a cage inside the Abamath camps. Once you free her, she'll say:

"I told them to leave me if I were captured, but Y'ffre bless them for not listening."
You're hurt. Can I help?
"I'll be fine. I know a restoration spell to seal wounds. But I will need help getting into the ruins beneath Abamath.
They're down there. The Worm Cult. And we must stop them."
What do you need me to do?
"The entrance to the ruins is locked by welkynd stones. I saw a few Cultists guarding them as I was dragged to this cage.
Get the welkynd stones. Two of them unlock the outer door. We'll use the rest inside the ruin."
Sounds easy enough. Anything else?
"Eager. I like that. They've got the welkynd stones at their tents; their glow should help you find them. Once you've recovered the stones, head to the ruins' entrance.
I'll meet you there, and we'll go in."
Any idea what the Cultists are doing?
"As usual, sowing discord. However, this sect is different. They spoke about an arcane ritual, and Mauloch.
Their leader's a powerful necromancer, Cassia Varo."
And how does Mauloch play into their plans?/How would Mauloch play into their plans?
"Abamath was built over an ancient Orc settlement dedicated to the worship of Mauloch. It is said the "Blood of Mauloch" originated here, deep underground where the blood flows.
If there's a shrine or some ancient blood magic within the ruins …."
What's the Blood of Mauloch?
"Simply put, war paint. There's a spring or something inside the ruin filled with red water and mud. The original inhabitants believed Mauloch gave it to them so they'd be strong.
It's a myth. A legend. But what if there's something to it after all?"
We'll stop them.
"Good, for I fear they plot to summon Mauloch himself."
Cassia Varo?/Who is Cassia Varo?
"I don't know anything but the name. I overheard it as they marched me through their camp, that's all. Cassia Varo, and Mauloch."
"Get the welkynd stones from the camps. Their distinct glow gives them away."

Once you've gathered the Welkynd stones, she'll instruct you to...

"Place welkynd stones in the holders, then we can enter Abamath's ruins."

After that, she'll say:

"Good, the entrance should be unlocked now."
What next?
"The final two welkynd stones unlock the door to the sanctum inside these ruins. Don't lose them!
Be ready for anything in there."
Let's not waste any more time.
"Agreed, but … my injuries are worse than I thought. I'm useless as a fighter, so I'll keep to the shadows until you've cleared a path ahead.
Place the remaining welkynd stones. I'll meet you at the sanctum's entrance deep within the ruins."
I'll go first and place the stones. Stay safe.
"Thank you. I'll follow when I see it's safe to move.
Look for the sconces to either end of the ruins. That's usually where they are."

At this point, if you happen to speak to her before entering the ruin, she'll ask "Yes?", to which you can ask her about what the cult is doing here again.

Once the Welkynd Stones are place, she'll rejoin you in front of the entrance to the Shrine of Mauloch and say:

"The door should be unlocked.
Get to the sanctum and stop the ritual. I'll seal the door behind you to make sure nothing interferes from this side."

After you attempt and fail to enter the shrine, she'll say:

"That must've hurt! Honestly, I didn't expect a barrier across the entrance.
The Cult must have set this up as a last line of defense in case they were attacked."
I'll be fine.
"That's a relief. There must be a power source nearby, another welkynd stone, or something darker.
Look! There! On the pedestal!"
"The stone on the pedestal holds something. An ancient evil. Be careful."

After speaking to the stone, you can return to Arithiel:

"Were you talking to the stone? What happened?"
Boethiah will open the door, in exchange for your soul.
"Boethiah? Why does she want my soul?"
Boethiah said you were part of the Worm Cult.
"It's true. I once served the Worm Cult, and everyone I loved died by my hands.
With each death, pieces of myself cracked and shattered, until my hatred turned inside out and I finally saw the Cult for what they truly are."
How can I be sure you've truly repented?
"Trust me. What I did is horrific, and I must atone for my crimes."
By stopping the Worm Cult from summoning Mauloch?
"Yes. Mauloch would sow destruction across Valenwood as an unwitting puppet of Molag Bal. The Worm Cult would follow in his wake, raising an army of undead from his slaughter.
We need to get past that barrier. Take my soul."
There's got to be another way. Maybe any soul will do.
"If you can stop the Cultists with my soul, do it. The stone requires a soul to dispel the barrier, and I am willing.
A fitting, bloodthirsty safeguard for their ritual."
Why did you join them?
That's terrible.

If you decide to use the geode on her, she'll plead:

Arithiel : "Please … I'm sorry!"

After defeating Cassia Varo, Arithiel will be waiting for you outside the exit:

"You're safe! I thought Boethiah meant to destroy you too. Glad I was wrong."
I had to kill you to stop the Cult.
"Death was a just punishment for my crimes. The Animus Geode released my spirit when that barrier fell.
The Worm Cult failed to summon Mauloch, thanks to you. And now, I am free. Safe journeys, my friend!"