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Azargo Long-Tale
Home Settlement Redfur Trading Post
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Moon-Singers
Azargo Long-Tale

Azargo Long-Tale is a Khajiit moon-singer found telling his stories at Redfur Trading Post. Dagaril-dro sends you to him to learn the tale of Khunzar-ri and the Demon.

Related Quests[edit]


"This one recognises a lover of stories when he sees one. Care to hear another tale?"
Dagaril-dro sent me. I need to learn the story of Khunzar-ri and the demon.
"Old Grandfather sent you? Interesting. This one can only tell you what he knows, and Azargo only knows the beginning of the story. That is the way of things concerning the great stories and the secrets they hold.
Are you sure you want to hear it?"
Yes. Please tell me the beginning of the story.
""In the time before time, when the sixteen kingdoms were barely more than sixteen tribes, the great hero Khunzar-ri went on many adventures. After Khunzar-ri defeated the giant Drol by consuming four-hundred-and-one moon-sugar pies, he met a demon.""
A demon? Like a Daedra?
"No, a different kind of demon. Now be quiet and listen!
The demon said, "My brothers and I shall take this land and its treasures. Even the moons from the sky!" Khunzar-ri objected, but the demon laughed. "You cannot stop us, little cat-thing!""
What did Khunzar-ri do?
""Khunzar-ri said, "Not by myself, foul demon. I shall gather a Kra'Jun—company of heroes—starting with the Altmer, Nurarion the Perfect, who communes among the buried roots of the Ayleid worms."
These are the words and the words are true.
Thank you, moon-singer.
"This one has told you all that he knows about Khunzar-ri and the demon. If you want to hear the tale of Queen Anequina and the Baandari Pedlar, come back later."