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Location Cave of Broken Sails
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Bulag is a Khajiit pirate and one of the few remaining loyal crewmembers of the Albatross.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Exploring the cave, you will find Bulag along the path. Understandably, he is scared of you at first.

"I surrender! Wait, you're not one of those mutineer bastards. Please, you have to help me!"
Who are you?
"A sailor on the Albatross. There was a mutiny. Brauti Bloodshark captured us and forced us to set off the traps in this damned cave. We fell, one by one. Some of us ran, but I haven't seen any other crew. Aside from Nuttall, I mean."
Who's Nuttall?
"He's my trained monkey. Well, he's more than that. Full-fledged crewmonkey of the Albatross, we have him untie hard-to-reach knots in the rigging. Wait, have you seen any of my crew? We can't be the only ones to escape the bloodbath in the cave."
Captain Linwen asked me to send anyone I found to the mouth of this cave.
"The captain's alive? Rajhin's luck, that's good news! Listen, Brauti Bloodshark is dead set on getting into the Imperial Vault. If Captain Linwen sent you to find the crew, you'd better get there before that bloodthirsty bastard kills them all off."
How did you make it past the traps?
"Here, take this bag of dried fruit. Toss some at the disarming mechanism and Nuttall will do the rest. That little guy is the only way I made it through. You two stay safe. I'll find the captain. We won't leave you to do this alone!"

After you "talked" to Nuttall, Bulag might comment, "See? Nuttall has more sense in him than half the Albatross crew. He never did like Brauti Bloodshark. Next time, I'll trust the monkey."

Progressing further in the cave, you get a chance to talk to him again before confronting Bloodshark.

"The captain's concerned about Faenir. She should be! But I spend a lot of time in the crow's nest, so I always try to know what's ahead of me. I last saw Hironi and Raedir near the great cavern. They may know more about Brauti Bloodshark's plans. Neither are mutineers."
Tell me about Hironi.
"She was Brauti Bloodshark's lover, but they had a falling out. They fought so much the captain had to put them on separate watches. She takes whatever side he doesn't, so she's no mutineer. But Hironi knows how he thinks. She might have insight that we don't."
What about Raedir?
"He's a Nord who came aboard the Albatross with Brauti Bloodshark, but made an oath of loyalty to the captain. He refused to join the mutiny when it happened. The two were "axe-brothers," or something like that, so Raedir may have a sense of what comes next."

After defeating Bloodshark, the captain sends you to him for your reward.

"Can't say where the Albatross will head next, but you're always welcome aboard. None of us will forget what you did here. And Nuttall won't forget, either. "
I'm glad I could help.
"Saving our lives is a little more than just "help." Next time you see us, we'll be privateers! Nuttall and I are going to miss you. We scrounged a bit and came up with something. I hope it serves you well."

This concludes the quest. Should you talk to him after accepting your reward, he'll say, "The captain wants all these supplies catalogued and stowed before we contact the Thalmor. I should really handle this until Engor recovers."