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Location Damar Farmstead
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Damar is a Redguard a resident of the collection of farmsteads located south of the Bangkorai Garrison, he can be found on the eastern outskirts of the farmstead. He recently returned home from his work as a traveling merchant to find it in flames and beset by Daedra after being alerted to the attack by Shalan.

Related Quests[edit]


When approached you can hear him say "We're doomed. Doomed!"verify. He can then be asked what is happening on the farmstead.

"They're everywhere! I don't know where they came from. I didn't see them until I grabbed a bucket to douse the flames, and then it attacked me. A Daedra!"
My fortunes have never looked less pleasing."
What's going one?
"Look, look down the road! My house is on fire, and the Daedra roam free!
I don't know where my family is. They may be trapped by fires, or killed by those savage beasts!"
Where's your well? I'll start with the fires.
"Take this bucket. The well's between the houses, but beware hose foul creatures. I tripped running away from them and injured my own arm!
Three houses are ablaze. Please, put out the fires before everything burns to the ground~"
I'll take care of it.
"Look for my fiancee, Milta. I've been away on business, and came home to this! I do not know if she lives or fell prey to one of those things!"
How long were you gone?
"Not long. A few days. Perhaps a week, or a bit over that.
My house still stands, but if we dally much longer, they and my beloved will turn to ash!"
Where have you been?
"I'm a traveling merchant, and was away when the Daedra attacked.
When Shalan sent word of the first attack, I returned as fast as I could and found everything ablaze."
Any idea who set these fires?
"My first thought was the Imperials did this, but these fires were set too recently. The Imperials left before I set out.
Looters, maybe? Or whoever summoned the Daedra?"
What makes you think there are survivors?
"My neighbor sent word of the attack. He was certainly alive then.
I hope the others survived, most of all my precious Milta. Please, look for them while you deal with the fires."

After killing the culprit Visetus and saving Milta, you can speak with Damar.

"My joy, my heart...Milta lives! Though who knows when I will be able to provide her and her father safe shelter, at least they both live."
What will you do now?
"Milta and I will marry. We'll rebuild our homes here, once the Daedra leave. And of course, Shalan will live with us.
None of this would be possible without your help."

After completing The Returned, Damar will wish you luck on your travels "Be safe in your travels, and may Tall Papa guide your steps."