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Dwarven Colossus
(lore page)
Location Core Assembly, Halls of Fabrication
Outskirts of Ald Carac (inactive)
Sotha Sil's Study, Ceporah Tower (unactivated)
Species Dwarven Colossus
A dormant Dwarven Colossus in the Ceporah Tower

Dwarven Colossi are a very powerful type of Dwarven Automaton that resemble a much larger Dwarven Centurion. They possess specialized weapons on their arms, the right one having a rotary blade gauntlet and the left one having a flame bellows cannon.

There are only two that can be fought in the game; the avatar of the Assembly General and the Stonekeeper. Dozens of them are found on assembly lines within the Halls of Fabrication, in the battleground Ald Carac, among a foyada flowing into the ruins, and within the Imperfect's Sanctuary of Verification. A dormant Colossus is also found in Sotha Sil's quarters inside the Ceporah Tower.

Unique Dwarven Colossi[edit]

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  • A Dwarven Colossus was seen in the cinematic Morrowind chapter announcement trailer. The experience was later described from Naryu Virian's point of view in her Journal, where it was established that the Colossus was located at Mudan Ruins. A collectible physical figure of the Colossus is also included with the Collector's Edition of Morrowind.
  • Imperfects are similar constructs created by Sotha Sil.
  • Dwarven Colossi also appears in Legends.
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