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This article is about the Breton spirit in Westtry. For the Breton in Crosswych, see Edgard Gane.

Edgard the Innkeeper
Home Settlement Westtry
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Edgard the Innkeeper

Edgard the Innkeeper is a Breton spirit found in the ruined town of Westtry. Like all the spirits in Westtry, he is reliving the invasion of the town, and sees Captain Rosalind rather than you.

Related Quests[edit]


"Who's there? Stay back. Wait. Is that you, Captain Rosalind?"
Is everyone all right in here?
"For the moment. I haven't forgotten how to swing a sword and the inn's walls are stout."
"Apothecary Muriel's helping the wounded, but she needs more hawthorn berries. She can't make more healing poultices without them."
I'll gather hawthorn berries. Stay here and protect the villagers.
"That would help a lot. Bring them to Muriel at her shop as soon as you can. "
"And Captain? Be careful out there."

If you speak to him before continuing, he'll tell you: "Hawthorn shrubs grow throughout the village. Just pluck a few berries and get them to Muriel at the apothecary shop."