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Home City Baandari Trading Post
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Baandari

Eraral-dro is a Baandari Khajiit in charges of operations at their trading post located in Malabal Tor. You can find him at Jainda's Needful Supplies. His apprentice, Tabil, will send you to him to assist with a problem with the Gold Coast Mercenaries nearby, if you do not speak to him first.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Enemy of My Enemy: Protect the Baandari traders from their own hired protection.
  • A Tangled Net: Reward the mercenaries for their prowess against the werewolves.

Quest Related Events[edit]

Enemy of My Enemy[edit]

"Fighting only hurts those that cannot defend themselves. And with the troubles the Houndsmen have brought about, I thought it was wise to prepare.
I see now that I may have been … mistaken."
Have you been attacked recently?
"I hired the Colovians beyond our gates to protect us. But now, they're more of a threat than anything else.
Soon, they'll tire of our excuses."
Why don't you strike first, then?
"The young ones' eyes shine at the thought, but I won't let their blood be shed for my actions.
And to act, I must know the Colovians' plans. Perhaps you'd be willing to help?"
I am. What do you need me to do?

This will start the quest.

"The Colovians drink our wine and eat our food. They are waiting. For what, we must find out.
I've heard of a courier's arrival within the hour. I need his message before it gets into Colovian hands."
Where's the courier?
"He comes from the north, set to arrive at a small camp just outside these gates.
We must get the letter before anyone from the Gold Coast does."
I'll see if I can find him.
"Search the campsite. If the courier is not yet there, lie in wait for him.
I put my faith in you. Please do not disappoint me."
What makes you think the mercenaries will turn against you?
"A matter of gold, and a matter of pride. They've demanded more than agreed upon. Suspicious, yes?
I believe they weigh two contracts - ours and another's. They wait on news from Colovia, by courier."
But why would they kill you, instead of just leaving?
"As I said, I am not sure, which is why I must see that missive before it reaches the mercenaries' hands.
Perhaps it is nothing. Perhaps it simply says to leave. But I cannot hold my family to "perhaps.""

After finding the courier and returning to Eraral-dro, he'll be just inside the norther gate, where he'll say:

"Most unfortunate that one had to die. Still, it's better one of their number falls than one of ours.
You have the letter, yes?"
Yes, right here.
"As I thought. They've found their gold in a new employer. If you hadn't intercepted this, we would have been in a bloodbath.
Come. This death will help us twofold. If you are willing to help as well, that is."
Lead the way.

After following him to Rejmina's House, he'll continue his planning:

"The mercenaries wish to fight. Their blades must not be used against my people. So, we'll give them a new opponent.
They'll soon realize their courier's late. We must quickly return him to their ranks."
How? I killed him, remember?
"Ah, my friend. You misunderstand! You will be the courier.
My children stole the body as soon as you left. It lies upstairs. Let's see if his uniform fits you."

Take the uniform, and he'll comment:

"Let's see these clothes, then. Rejmina is deft with needle and thread, should they need adjustment."
What are you planning to do with this disguise?
"A simple switch, friend. The Gold Coast waits for orders, and we will give them.
Deliver this altered letter to their captain. Let one enemy kill the other."
Who are you sending them against?
"Nearby, a pack of werewolves stalks and waits. No doubt they would tear us apart if not for the mercenaries in their way.
As the Gold Coast and the werewolves fight, it would be best if few survivors live to tell the tale."

After you complete the mission with the mercenaries, he'll be just outside the southwest gate and remark:

"You have the heart of a true trickster!"
There's still a lot of Gold Coast mercenaries left, though.
"Ah, but now they must consider a battle on two fronts. It will give them pause when the second courier arrives. We must close the net, and quickly."
Second courier? What do you mean?
"The ones in Colovia wait for a reply from the Gold Coast mercenaries. When they do not get one, they will send another courier, forewarned of treachery.
Let us make sure none are left to answer the next message, shall we?"

This completes the quest and starts...

A Tangled Net[edit]

"We have the advantage. The mercenaries know only what they can hit with their swords. We Khajiits know when to put down the sword and take up a rose.
Or in this case, a keg of rich drink."
How will getting drunk help against the mercenaries?
"Oh, it will not be me. Or you, I'm afraid. We extend this courtesy to our Gold Coast friends.
I have a powder that causes deep sleep for many days. Afterwards, the user is too groggy to move, much less fight."
So we'll drug the rest of the mercenaries?
"It's not as simple as that. But yes, that is the first step.
Take this powder and add it to the kegs in their camp. I've taken the liberty of offering some of my own vintage to them. A gift for their valiant battle with the werewolves."
All right.
"Don't be tempted to try the powder or the drinks. I wish to work with you on more escapades!"

After poisening the kegs, he'll be in the same spot, and will say:

"I hear much merrymaking. Perhaps that secret ingredient is good for more than a severe hangover."
So now we strike?
"Strike? My friend, you have learned little from me.
Now we must gather our greatest resource - gold."
What for?
"We'll buy the loyalty of the rest. Jainda, one of the traders, has already pledged to aid our venture.
If the other merchants contribute, we'll have enough for a tasty bribe."
And they'll just hand over their gold?
"You know firsthand how adept the mercenaries are at killing. These people are merchants, but they know it too.
Just ask nicely. Be persuasive. Cunning. Somehow, I think they will all do as you say, no tricks necessary."
"The other traders are in the merchant stalls. For now, all we need is their word."

The next time you meet with him, he'll be in Captain Aurelia Blasio's tent:

"It's too dangerous for you to be here. Tabil … I told him to run for home, not for help!"
How can I get you out of here?
"Hss! Not so loud!
To save us all, continue with the plan. If the mercenaries are bought off, the captain will have no support. She will be easy to take out then, but not before."
Where are these mercenaries, then?
"No doubt Tabil has already gathered them together, but he's no good at negotiation, I fear. Ensure they get what they desire."
"The captain won't tolerate your presence for long. Leave while you can!"

After defeating the captain, he'll say:

"I have no way to truly repay you, friend."

He'll make his way back to the southwest gate across from the stables, where you can speak to him:

"I'd prepared myself for death. I'm glad it was unnecessary."
Has the danger passed, then?
"Enough for me and mine to sleep well tonight. The mercenaries have no reason to attack if they gain nothing.
They are a people without honor. I am glad for it."
What will you do now?
"I have never been so grateful for it to be business as usual. Travelers will come again. We will flourish.
Wherever you go, you may meet one of our kind. And we will know your name as a friend, a friend of the Baandari."
"You'll be known as a friend of the Baandari wherever your travels take you."

Eraral will remain at this last location (and clutch his injured arm) for the remainder of the game.