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Evoker Ahainar-jo
Location Selene's Web
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During Knowledge Gained
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Evoker Ahainar-jo

Evoker Ahainar-jo is a Khajiit member of the Mages Guild expedition found in Selene's Web.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He will be first encountered with the rest of the expedition at the entrance:

"This one has work to do. Warlock Carindon can answer your questions."

Once you agree to help the expedition, you can speak to Ahainar-jo some more, he will have some doubts about the plan:

"When inspecting all the claws of this plan, this one is not so sure it will work."
Why not?
"This Khajiit is not one to speak out of turn. But the look on the faces of the Bosmer out there—it makes Ahainar's fur stand straight."
Have they been aggressive?
"Not yet. But this one would prefer outward aggression to their dead stares, yes?"

After Apprentice Patraud is killed during his attempt to negotiate with the Bosmer tribe, Ahainar-jo will arrive with the rest of the expedition:

"The Bosmer will pay for what they did to the honored Patraud."

When you speak with Warlock Carindon, he will have you escort Ahainar-jo to try and make contact with the Bosmer tribe again. At this point the Khajiit will become your follower. After fighting your way through the Bosmer you will reach another clearing where a Giant Spider will appearing to be speaking with the gathered Bosmer, before it climbs up its' spidersilk line:

Evoker Ahainar-jo: "What in Oblivion is that?"
Treethane Kerninn: "Yes mistress."

The Treethane will then lead his people against you. While you fight, Ahainar-jo will stay out of the way. However, when the fight is won you will find him dead.