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Innbild Cold-Moon
Home City Windhelm
Location Cold-Moon Fine Steeds
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Beggar
Innbild Cold-Moon

Innbild Cold-Moon is a Nord beggar working at the Cold Moon Fine Steeds, the stables located in the city of Windhelm. Her father is the stablemaster Afneer.

She has began to develop a crush on one of the temporary workers that her father has hired, the Argonian Dazzling-Tail.


"Sure, we have the best stable, but you're better off at the Sober Nord. It's much nicer than our place."
Is it always so crowded?
"It's the celebration. You know how it is... cheap bunks for cheap drunks.
Pa had to hire extra help, and he never does that."
Who did he hire?
"Dazzling-Tail. He has such interesting scales, the nicest eyes... and his tail is rather dazzling.
Maybe Pa will keep him on after the celebration."
"The King's festival. Enough eating, drinking, and sewage in the streets to let Jorunn know he's appreciated.
At least there are the contests. Maybe Pa's new hired help will win me a prize."