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Home Settlement Mistral
Cat's Eye Quay
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion

Khad is a Khajiit mage initially found in Mistral at the docks alongside his partner Astorne, they were on leave before the Dominion Fleet crashed into the island. After the Maormer's plan is stopped, the duo will appear at Cat's Eye Quay, revealing they also visited the Temple of the Mourning Springs in the interim.

He can later be found during a random encounter in Malabal Tor, fighting Drublog Orcs with Astorne.



When they are down by the docks near the Serpent's Kiss

Astorne: "This is the worst vacation."
Khad: "What do you mean?"
Astorne: "Not a day here before the hurricane hits. Then a Dominion fleet smashes ashore, which means our leave is well and truly canceled."
Khad: "Could've been worse. You could have introduced me to your mother."
Astorne: "When you put it like that …."

On the subject of hurricanes.

Astorne: "What do you mean, "no chance of hurricanes?"
Khad: "It says they're unseasonable to Khenarthi's Roost this time of year."
Astorne: "Then what would you call the hurricane that smashed Mistral?"
Khad: "Unseasonable, I suppose."

Cat's Eye Quay[edit]

Astorne: "We're gone three hours and the Maormer attack the city? Typical! Always missing the real fight."
Khad: "You have to admit, the temple was interesting."
Astorne: "Stone, water and talkative ghosts. What about that is interesting?"
Khad: "Every part?"
Astorne: "You're hopeless."

Malabal Tor[edit]


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