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Low-Neck is an NPC hireling who sends you clothing materials via the in-game mail. He is an assistant to the primary Clothing hireling, Madam Firilanya.


The following are all known mail messages from Low-Neck.

Number Message
Preceding messages are sent by Madam Firilanya.
70 I am Miss Firi's assistant, Low-Neck. She is very sick so I will be sending you packages until she gets better. She is a private person who would not want details of her sickness shared. Out of respect, I will not say she was found screaming and scratching at her ears in the small hours. Or that her wounds will mostly heal.
71 I am still Low-Neck, Miss Firi's assistant. She is very organized and has prepared many packages for you, to be sent if she is ever delayed on a journey. Her long rest is a delay, is it not? Therefore I will send you packages daily. Unless her journey takes longer than three weeks, at which point all I could send is her stockpile of calipers.
72 This is Low-Neck. While going through Miss Miss Firi's belongings I found a silvery cloth with black weaving. It smelled strange, like rotten eggs. I traded it for another stinky thing, a small barrel of salted fish which I left by her bedside. She hates the smell of salted fish, so perhaps it will help her wake.
73 Low-Neck again. Miss Firi is unable to pay me while she sleeps, so I took my wages from the strongbox where she stores her money. The locked one, beneath the locked trapdoor, under the junk-laden cart. The one with the old tapestries draped upon it. Did you know her decoy strongbox has more locks than the real one? She is a clever woman.
74 It is still Low-Neck writing, but not for much longer. I am pleased to say Miss Firi recovers. She no longer screams when she sees my face, so this is progress. It is now more of a whimpering, with occasional prayers to the Eight Divines. I tried wearing an amusing hat, but that led to more screams.
Subsequent messages are sent by Madam Firilanya.