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Help a group of treasure hunters find an Argonian relic before their competitor.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Cyrodilic Collections Needs You! pamphlet or Concordia Mercius
Location(s): Vulkhel Guard, Vulkhel Guard Outlaws Refuge, Seaside Scarp Camp, Bewan, The Sunless Hollow (Auridon); Daggerfall, Daggerfall Outlaws Refuge, Trapjaw's Cove, Cryptwatch Fort, The Sunless Hollow (Glenumbra); Davon's Watch, Davon's Watch Outlaws Refuge, Shivering Shrine, Sheogorath's Tongue, The Sunless Hollow (Stonefalls); Chid-Moska Ruins, Stormhold (Shadowfen)
Next Quest: The Cursed Skull
Reward: Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 3244

Cyrodilic Collections, a society dedicated to locating and restoring Argonian antiquities, seeks help in its mission. They want to stay ahead of their competition and preserve every piece of Argonian culture they can.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Concordia Mercius in Vulkhel Guard (Auridon), Daggerfall (Glenumbra) or Davon's Watch (Stonefalls).
  2. Gather information from Grethaa, Eshundir and Urzashi in the local Outlaws Refuge.
  3. Report to Concordia Mercius.
  4. Retrieve the Argonian antiquities from the Sunless Hollow.
  5. Return to Concordia Mercius.
  6. Talk to Eshundir.
  7. Investigate Chid-Moska Ruins.
  8. (Optional) Talk to Jee-Lar and take his boat to Stormhold.
  9. Talk to Concordia Mercius.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

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Eshundir sends you to find a wamasu egg from a world boss location (the boss doesn't have to be fought and the entire trip can be avoided if Intimidating Presence has been unlocked), Grethaa sends you to steal an Elegant Jacket from a house in the city, and Urzashi will send you to locate her assistant in a delve.

Aldmeri Dominion Daggerfall Covenant Ebonheart Pact
Eshundir Seaside Scarp Camp Trapjaw's Cove Shivering Shrine
Grethaa Watch Captain Astanya's Home Gane House Sethri House
Urzashi Bewan Cryptwatch Fort Sheogorath's Tongue

Quest Stages[edit]

Ruthless Competition
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The leaflet said to meet Concordia Mercius in Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch, or Daggerfall.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius
Latest start Concordia Mercius asked me to go to the nearby Outlaws Refuge to talk to a black marketeer, an information broker, and a smuggler to see what I can learn about an unscrupulous competitor of Cyrodilic Collections named Margus Derius.
Objective: Go to the Outlaws Refuge
I need to talk to a smuggler, a black marketeer, and an information broker that deals in stolen antiquities in the Outlaws Refuge to learn more about Cyrodilic Collections' competition, Margus Derius.
Objective: Gather Information About Margus Derius
Objective Hint: Acquire an Elegant Jacket for Grethaa
Objective Hint: Find Urzashi's Assistant
Objective Hint: Retrieve a Wamasu Egg for Eshundir
I should return to Concordia and share the information I received from contacts in the Outlaws Refuge with her. Namely, Margus Derius is working with the Blackguards and has hidden a number of Argonian relics in a place called the Sunless Hollow.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius
Concordia Mercius asked me to go to the Sunless Hollow to try to recover the Argonian antiquities that Margus Derius and the Blackguards have acquired.
Objective: Go to the Sunless Hollow
Now that I'm inside the Sunless Hollow, I need to find any Argonian antiquities that Margus and the Blackguards have hidden here.
Objective: Retrieve Argonian Antiquities
I should return to Concordia Mercius and show her these Argonian antiquities I recovered from the Sunless Hollow.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius
Optional Step: Talk to Jee-Lar
Concordia thinks that there's something significant about the two antiquities I recovered in the Sunless Hollow. She wants me to return to the nearby Outlaws Refuge and consult with one of the experts who helped us earlier.
Objective: Talk to Eshundir
Something terrible has occurred in the Outlaws Refuge! I should see if Urzashi can tell me what happened.
Objective: Talk to Urzashi
Urzashi thinks that Margus Derius is on the trail of something that the antiquities he's been collecting are leading him to. With nothing else to go on, she suggested that the Blackguard who killed Eshundir might have left some clues.
Objective: Look for Clues
Jee-Lar arrived. I should let him know what I found out.
Objective: Talk to Jee-Lar
Jee-Lar arranged for our transportation to Shadowfen. Now to locate the Chid-Moska Ruins and get inside.
Objective: Enter the Chid-Moska Ruins
Objective Hint: Talk to Jee-Lar
The Blackguards are searching for something inside the Chid-Moska Ruins. I need to find out what they're up to and put a stop to it.
Objective: Discover What the Blackguards Are Up To
The Blackguards have uncovered an Argonian nightmare idol. I need to retrieve the idol and take it back to Concordia Mercius.
Objective: Retrieve the Nightmare Idol
I recovered the Argonian nightmare idol that the Blackguards found in the Chid-Moska Ruins. I need to go to Stormhold and find Concordia's camp so I can tell her all about what we discovered.
Objective: Go to Stormhold
Optional Step: Use Jee-Lar's Boat
There's Concordia's camp. I should go and talk to her and show her this idol I found in the ruins.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius
☑Finishes quest I should talk to Concordia Mercius and see if she can help me determine what Margus Derius is trying to accomplish.
Objective: Talk to Concordia Mercius

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