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This article is about the person. For the book, see Sotha Nall.

Sotha Nall
(lore page)
Location Elegiac Replication (projection)
Mnemonic Planisphere (voice)
Race Chimer Gender Female
Health (?)
Reaction (?)
Other Information
Faction(s) House Sotha
Condition Projection
A projection of Sotha Nall

Sotha Nall was a young Chimer woman that was the sister of Sotha Sil. She lived at the minor estate of Ald Sotha during the First Era, and is presumed to have perished when Mehrunes Dagon sent his forces to attack the settlement for unknown reasons. A projection of her can be found at the Elegiac Replication above a pedestal with an plaque commemorating her memory.


One of the Stars in the Warrior's Wing of the Mnemonic Planisphere will be excerpts of Sotha Nall's voice, talking to Sotha Sil about sneaking into an off-limits place:

  • "You're overthinking this. We sneak out, we sneak back in, and no one will ever be the wiser."
  • "What, are you afraid of Nanny finding out? You're an adult now!"
  • "No one will even realize we're missing. Besides, what's the worst Mother can do? A scolding?"