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Umbra is an upcoming Creation that adds the Umbra Sword, located in a new dungeon known as Champion's Rest.

Official Summary[edit]

Sneak Peek - Mar 2019[edit]

The history of this Daedric artifact is recounted in the rise and fall of those that have wielded it. Forged from wicked hands and vile mind, legend says that Umbra itself lives, its echoes whispering from the winding halls of Champion's Rest. Some even say the sword wields its bearer, but to find the answer, you must first defeat Umbra yourself. Umbra introduces a brand new dungeon to Skyrim featuring stunning visuals, puzzle solving, and an exhilarating boss fight, culminating in the acquisition of the iconic sword.


  • Umbra was destroyed at the climax of Lord of Souls, the second of two novels written by Greg Keyes. This took place circa 4E 40, over 160 years before the events of Skyrim.