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About Me[edit]

Hello there. If you have stumbled upon this user page then welcome! However I do personally wonder what are you doing here? I honestly don't know what about me has you interested enough to visit this page. Perhaps I'm being too modest. Well since you're here I might as well tell you... I do not do a great deal of contributing to the wiki at the moment because I am busy with school and stuff plus the whole idea is a little overwhelming (all these page links and brackets are a little intimidating). However I do intend on doing more to help the wiki in the future. I am a big Elder Scrolls fan and hope to contribute in making the best source of information on the subject even better.


I'm currently not taking part in any major projects on the UESP. However, I am trying as best as I can to add information to the many blank ESO placeholders. If I ever see a page with no information, I try to add what I can in a way that makes it more useful but also so that someone can eventually come along and edit the hell out of it.

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