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This page contains links to the Story of Sesom, a written work based loosely on my next playthrough of Oblivion (Character is currently still in jail as I finish up the backstory). It will be edited with new information and links as new chapters are written and as I continue along with the game.

Feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong! Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, contradictions in fact, even wiki formatting errors, all must be squashed. Drop me notes on my talk page.

Character Information[edit]

Name: Sesom
Race: Breton
Birthsign: Thief
Class: Petty Thief (Combat Specialization. Favored Attributes: Endurance, Luck. Major Skills: Blunt, Mysticism, Marksman, Alteration, Light Armor, Block, Illusion)

In what may be a dumb move, I've also decided to efficiently level this character (hence the skill choices above) using the 5/5/1 method. This is the first character I have ever efficiently leveled.


Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Petty Thief
Chapter 3: To Cheydinhal and Back Again
Chapter 4: A Surprise at Wawnet