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About me[edit]

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Hi I'm Stealthilizer that's my characters name to so lets get started about me. I'm Actuality thedrunknord but i forgot my username so i love oblivion. its the only elder scrolls game i own. i live in America. and love offspring music.and my favorite movie is zombieland and I'm a pretty stealthy fellow so watch your pockets!


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1.Stealthilizer a male Dark Elf 27 yrs. old lvl.12 he loves to sneak up on people and kill them! and when he don't feel like killing he sneaks up on people and steals all there money! He lives nowhere sneaking from town to town always has the guards chasing him his favorite weapon is THE Stealthilizer it damages health 15 points it's a bow.

2.Dan a male Imperial 32 yrs. old lvl 1 he bought a white horse and rides it every day he lives at Benirus manor in anvil he has a typical anvil life as an archer practicing his bow and arrow skills at the target, he makes a living going hunting every noun and then eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the local inn


The First Kill