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This story takes liberties with Lore in his stories W

Characters used here:

Malarim-Bal: An Abamer (Forbidden Elf). Her name means Goldstone.

Jannessa Ar-Tivalen: A Human. She was introduced in the last "book" in the series. She is the main character.

Lesrin Andras: A Dunmer. Few know the reason for his exile from the mainland although it is rumored that he betrayed Lor'Nasa'Kalreenin to the Imperial authorithandsies.

Lor'Nasa'Kalreenin: An Abamer. She was betrayed to the Imperials five years ago; presumably she was tortured for information and then executed.

Geelin'Fel'Rian: An Abamer. Related to Lor'Nasa'Kalreenin.


Morndas, 15th of Morning Star, 3E 486: Lor'Nasa'Kalreenin has been seen on Dulshren Isle. At least that's what we're supposed to believe. The Imps seem to have heard about it too. They've been converging on the town of Vorn especially Glashleren Manor.

Turdas, 19th of Evening Star, 3E 491: I've heard someone is hunting for something called The Platinum Blade. It's supposed to be in the hands of someone called Ghalen'Dhulshanvis.

Middas, 25th of Evening Star, 3E 491: Ghalen'Dhulshanvis is traveling with Jannessa Ar-Tivalen! It seems that she has been behaving even more oddly than normal though.

Morndas, 30th of Evening Star, 3E 491: Jannesa is acting strangely! She was quite polite but... Her clothes had blood on them and she didn't even seem to notice. That's not like her. She would usually at least try to get the worst of it off. I didn't see any sign Ghalen'Dhulshanvis either, although she did have The Platinum Blade.


The splits don't follow the normal time of the diary entries. They're thoughts but that's all I'm willing to say of them for right now.

Waiting for so long. So hungry... So hard to think.

Life?... Yes! Must be careful... So weak now. Can't crush them anymore.

It's so hard to wait now. But I'm forced to work slowly; the barest whisper of a suggestion here, a tiny nudge at the right time. I'm still weak enough that trying to control... It?... Them?... Him! Yes that's it! Him! would end in disaster. He'd know what I wanted, and what I'd tried to do.


Tirdas, 31st of Evening Star, 3E 491: Jannesa left this morning. She was more like normal today. Maybe she was just distracted by something she saw.

Middas, 32nd of Evening Star, 3E 491: Since the Septal Gathering is in three days I need to pack. I'll contact Vars tomorrow.


I'm stronger now. Wielder has killed someone. At last!

Full from it now. Still hungry but Wielder weakens day by day. And he doesn't even know it!


^Vars? Vars? Are you there?^

^Malarim? Is that you?^

^Yes, it's me. Are you going to be at the Septal Gathering?^

^I hadn't planned to be, no. Why?^

^I wanted to see you. It's been... What almost three years since the last time we met?^

I'll go then... There's a Lisrorn who lives next to me anyway. I'll tag along when she leaves.


Turdas, 33rd of Evening Star, 3E 491: Talked to Vars today. We're going to meet at the Septal Gathering. Also I've heard rumors about some new artifact being found. Of course it could be that Jannessa kept quiet for a while about finding the Platinum Blade but...

The Septal Gathering[edit]

So many creatures! So much to eat! Wielder knows me now but it doesn't matter. I crushed him. Trapped him in his own mind! (High pitched ragged laughter)

Morndas, 30th of Evening Star, 3E 491: Goldstone: I met Vars today. He seemed worried about something. Is there a feud? If there is I wonder who it could be? Vornas and Gestral? Now that would be scary. Earthquakes and hurricanes. Monsters they made in a hundred different shapes... Not a pleasant thought.


^Vars? You busy?^

^Waiting for you count as busy Rim?^

^Nope. Where are you?^

^I'm over at the Lornas tent. My friend invited me but she had to go. You?^

^I just got unpacked. I'm checking out the stuff at the Vornas tent. It must be nice knowing someone who can teleport.^

^Ha. You got that right, little sister. You want me to meet you there?^

^Sure. You get anything while you were here?^

^Other than a hangover?^

^(Laughs) I should have known. You've been partying the whole time with your friend.^

^Hey, Edge. Careful now. You want to bleed your brother to death before you even see him?^


What... Who is that? Are they an enemy? Who carries them? Wielder would know. Time to give him a little leash if I can.

Jannessa Ar-Tivalen[edit]

Broken stones and broken bones.

Burning rivers swiftly flowing, and cities limned in fire.

Abamer are hunted now, but they are growing.

Imperials have done this to them, and therefore earned their ire.

Rebels steal up the roads, carrying their guilty loads.

But a crisis intervenes, and a fragile peace is made.

Doomed to shatter as an emperor rules despotically, and a people paining keens.

For even as they help rebuild, the treaty that will be created there is perched upon a blade.


Five days before Goldstone's arrival:

What? Vars why are you telling me to "wear the stone"?

Err... Wait. I did give you the necklace right?
No. What necklace?
This necklace.
Oh. It's beautiful but why are you telling me to wear it? If I didn't like it -
Not that Ves. It's magical. Protects you from effects designed to control you.
Thanks but... Why do I need it?
Someone recently found an artifact called the Kris of Souls. If you hold it for too long, unless you're very, very, strong, it can direct your actions.

Jannessa Ar-Tivalen[edit]

^&^What...? Who is that?^&^

^&^I am Ghalen'Dhushvalis. You know me as the Platinum Blade.^&^

^&^But... You're a sword! How can you talk?^&^

^&^That is a good question. It will be answered once you have learned more about us.^&^


^&^Us. And right now you must learn about us. The sentient blades are very ancient. We were created even before the rise of the Ayleid empire. There are many factions among us. However we can be separated into two main groups. At the risk of being melodramatic... They can best be described as good and evil. The evil group hungers for blood and will go to extremes to get it. The more intelligent the better. They also subjugate their wielders. The good group, to which I belong, has a symbiotic relationship with those that carry us. We control their actions in battle and they allow us to use a small amount of their energy to maintain our strength. We also have a thirst of course; it's one of the things that is necessary to create a sentient blade. However our symbiosis with our partners allows us to sate this thirst without killing more often than needed to protect ourselves and those we are used by. As I said before however, things are not as simple as that. Simply among my group there are the Destructionists: They believe that all sentient swords should be destroyed. They are the ones that most closely resemble the evil group, as they control their "owners" actions if needed to ensure that this occurs. There are the Protectors, who believe that humans should be partnered with blades, for the good of both. And then there are the Neutralists. They believe that we should should not interfere with human affairs unless necessary to keep the evil factions from gaining control.^&^