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Congratulations on being bored enough to look at my user page!

A little bit about me:

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I have been using TUESP since a couple days after oblivion came out (right about when I got it) but I just recently decided to create an account.

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What time in The Elder Scrolls I don't spend exploring, I spend reading and re-reading the in-game books- to the point where I can give a very brief history of Nirn.

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I prefer to do little tweaks here and there to fix grammatical errors and whatnot, adding the occasional find; but I've never done a major revision/wrote a page.

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And it's many, many, many plugins.
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As you can see I've played everything since i got my first xbox with Morrowind and was hooked (I still remember my Breton battlemage who slowed and damaged stamina on his enemies until they couldn't move or attack, then slowly poked them to death with his spear). Then I got Oblivion after it came out and soon upgraded to playing on the computer as well as the console (they both are equally attractive to me). Of course then came Skyrim, and I'm still playing The Elder Scrolls.

This user has an INTJ
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

I believe they call it "The Mastermind"or "Rational". I'm also apparently rare, as this type is said to account for only 1-4% of the population.

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A recent accomplishment that I'm proud of.

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The Fences
Home City Daggerfall
State Bhoriane
Location Windstad Manor
Store The Magic Manifestation Sells Magical Services
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 74 Class Mystic Burglar
Available Sundas 4 A.M.-11 P.M.
Other Information
Health Enough Magicka No Worry
Essential Yes Respawn Never Dies So…
Gold Over 300,000 Avail See Above