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Well I have played The Elder Scrolls 1,2,3,4 and soon 5. 2 and 1 are newer so I hope to finish both before school stars. I hope to play the spin off but as it is, I can't find them anywhere. I'm in love with Dagger Fall, I'm also hoping to play all the games form the first to the last in order

I'm not the best with grammar and spelling, but i am really good at finding things you need in game

Thing's I've done[edit]

  • Arena
    • got past the prison
    • got 4 parts of the staff
    • killed a guard
  • Dagger fall
    • Made a cool class
    • Attacked evrey one in the town of Dagger fall
  • Morrowind
    • Completed MQ
    • Killed Two of the three God's (hey ones already dead!)
    • Killed evrey one connected to the prophecy
    • Became a werewolf and played over 1000+ hours
    • Never one attacked someone (unless it was needed to complete the game)
    • black path

  • Oblivion
    • Found all places
    • maxed out lv
    • got more bounty then the gray fox after i was done with the mask
    • Made a costume weapon for each play though
    • got rid of the AF
    • master of all guilds

Off the site[edit]

I'm a guitarist mainly, I love music and hope to get a degree in a branch of it.

I'm also a wannabe programmer, C++ mainly, I'm not that good but I know enough