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This article lists all of the armor added by the Dragonborn expansion. For unique items and artifacts added by the Dragonborn expansion, see the Unique Items and Artifacts pages.

Craftable Armor[edit]

Other Armor[edit]

Name (ID) Type Tempering Weight Value Rating Notes
DB-icon-armor-Cultist Gloves.png Cultist Gloves
Light Gauntlets Leather;
perk: none
1.5 30 7
DB-icon-armor-Cultist Mask.png Cultist Mask
Heavy Helmet Steel Ingot;
perk: none
5 50 17
SR-icon-armor-IronShield.png Dented Iron Shield
Heavy Shield N/A 12 30 15
DB-icon-armor-Morag Tong Armor.png Morag Tong Armor
Light Armor Leather;
perk: Advanced
5 150 26
DB-icon-armor-Morag Tong Boots.png Morag Tong Boots
Light Boots Leather;
perk: Advanced
2 35 8
DB-icon-armor-Morag Tong Bracers.png Morag Tong Bracers
Light Gauntlets Leather;
perk: Advanced
2 25 7
DB-icon-armor-Morag Tong Hood.png Morag Tong Hood
Light Helmet Leather;
perk: Advanced
1.5 2 12
DB-icon-armor-Skaal Boots.png Skaal Boots
Light Boots N/A 1.5 30 7
DB-icon-armor-Skaal Coat.png Skaal Coat
Light Armor N/A 5 100 26
DB-icon-armor-Skaal Gloves.png Skaal Gloves
Light Gauntlets N/A 1.5 30 7
DB-icon-armor-Skaal Hat.png Skaal Hat
Light Helmet N/A 1.5 400 6
The Cultist Mask has no tempering perk.




  • When you perform a cinematic decapitation of a Morag Tong Assassin wearing a Morag Tong hood, you will see the head separate from the body, but the body will still appear to have a head wearing the hood. Looting the hood from the body will reveal the expected neck stump.
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