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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
The Hew's Bane peninsula in Khefrem circa 2E 582
A map of Hammerfell

Khefrem is a coastal region in southwestern Hammerfell. It contains the peninsula of Hew's Bane, which was originally known as Khefrem's Boot.[1]

In 2E 582, two Daggerfall Covenant officers, Lakhazga gro-Rimat and Morothmash gro-Uzug, defected and fled from Glenumbra to the wilds of Khefrem, where they contacted the Aldmeri Dominion through a Baandari peddler. The Covenant learned about this, and pursued them across the Abecean Sea to Auridon, where the two were ultimately saved from capture by the Soulless One.[2] In the same year, Madam Firilanya, a famous clothier, made landfall in Khefrem during her trip from Anvil to the Alik'r Desert.[3]

The region is also home to the Khefrem Academy of Yokudan Heritage.[4]


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