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This article is about the Chimer in Eidolon's Hollow. For the Dunmer in Cradlecrush, see Aspera Giant-Friend. For the Dunmer in Dragonstar Arena, see Aspera Arena-Friend.

Aspera the Forgotten
Location Eidolon's Hollow
Race Chimer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Aspera the Forgotten

Aspera the Forgotten is a Chimer ghost found in the ruins of Eidolon's Hollow. She seems to know a lot more about the situation with Magistrix Vox than she lets on, and is amused by the ongoing events.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Into the Mouth of Madness[edit]

Aspera appears at the end of the quest to give you the quest's reward and serve as a segue into the next part of Eidolon's Hollow's story.

"Who are you that shatters Vox's wards and defies her will? Why hasn't she consumed your soul. as she has with all the others? How very interesting."
I'm here to destroy Vox.
"Others have made this claim. Others have died. Still, I enjoy watching a good challenge.
Hmm. I see you have powerful allies of your own. Almalexia and Veloth. But they can't help you here."

Motive for Heresy[edit]

Your conversation with Aspera continues from the last quest. When she is approached, she is brimming with excitement. Aspera offers to show you Magistrix Vox's memories, so that you can know your enemy and use that knowledge against her.

Aspera the Forgotten: "Now the game gets really interesting!"

Speak with her to start the quest.

"You threaten Vox, enraging her, forcing her to commit even more brutal atrocities! How glorious!
Soon her army of Daedra and lost souls will march forth, unleashing new terrors across the land."
Exactly why I have to stop her.
"Bold words, but your Divines can't protect you here.
Your goddess hides in her Temple while Vox wields the power of Oblivion. How do you hope to stand against that."
The blessing of Veloth protects me.
"Veloth's blessing! So impressive! But a paltry blessing doesn't make you invincible.
You did take down the wards, though. I'll give you that. Perhaps you do pose a challenge to Vox after all."
Explain yourself.
"You must learn Vox's secrets before you can hope to face her as an equal.
Search for the three anima archives within. Let them pull you into the realm of memory. Let them show you how this little drama came to be."
The realm of memory?
"The archives will reveal Vox's past, letting you witness the events that brought us to this moment.
Start with the western anima archive and touch the anima crystal. Then speak to me and watch and learn."
Who are you and why are you here?
"How could I witness this monumental event if I was someone else?
As to who I am, well, at the moment, I am your friend. Let's leave it at that."

The first memory:

"Vox wasn't always like this. Once, she willingly served the Tribunal and was committed to its cause."
What happened then?
"Vox's son grew distant, more radical. He broke his mother's heart.
Watch, listen. This is how Vox's dark journey begins."

The second memory:

"The son listened when cunning Boethiah whispered in his ear. He tried to steal an artifact from the Tribunal Temple—the hammer known as the Judgement of Veloth.
Many of the Tribunal's faithful died gloriously that day!"
What happened?
"Meram was caught and punished.
Magistrix Vox witnessed her son's torment. She was powerless to intervene."

The third memory:

"Poor Vox, mad with grief, vowed revenge upon the Three. Beautiful Boethiah whispered in the mother's ear, revealing that faith, isn't as strong as the bond between a mother and her child.
Vox had been wronged. She had been pushed too far."
What did she do?
"As a trusted servant of the Tribunal, Vox had access to their inner chambers and their most prized treasures.
Almalexia believed Vox's devotion was strong, her faith unshakeable. Almalexia was wrong."

After viewing the third memory:

"Impressive! Her memory detected your presence! Look at how her power grows!
Your time is running out. This is so exciting! I think you'll have only one chance to stop her."
How does this help me stop Vox?
"You saw the pain that drove Vox to unleash the plague and rally the Maulborn to glorious acts of violence. Now you understand her motives and are finally ready to face her.
Well, except for the power of Veloth's hammer. You can't overcome that."

The Judgement of Veloth[edit]

Aspera gives you this quest, your conversation continued from the last quest's end.

"Veloth's hammer allows Vox to strip away the souls of those she slays and imprison them in her misty realm. They lose their memories and grant her almost divine power.
To challenge Vox, you need to set those souls free."
How do I do that?
"I want to see a fair fight, but that can't happen here. Judgment keeps your silly gods at bay.
There's only one sure course. You must die by the hammer Vox wields. Once you enter her realm, you can collapse it from within."
I need to die?
"What are you worried about? You have Veloth's Blessing. It's your connection to this world. Believe in yourself and in Veloth. The saint will protect you.
And I can't wait to see how all this turns out. Don't disappoint me."
Let's see this through.
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