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This article is about the Dunmer in Dragonstar Arena. For the Chimer in Eidolon's Hollow, see Aspera the Forgotten. For the Dunmer in Cradlecrush, see Aspera Giant-Friend.

Aspera Arena-Friend
Location Dragonstar Arena
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Aspera Arena-Friend

Aspera Arena-Friend is a Dunmer woman found within the entrance area of the Dragonstar Arena.


"I see great pain and suffering in your future. Blood. Broken bones. Dismemberment.
And that's before you even step foot in the Arena!"
"You look familiar. Have you been to Deshaan or Eastmarch recently? No, don't tell me! I prefer the mystery of it all!"
"Come to compete in the games? I hope so. You look like you might actually be able to shake things up around here."
Who are you?
"Me? My identity is of no consequence. Just consider me to be an ... interested observer. A fan of the games, if you will.
When you get into the Arena, do try and put on a good show. I hate to be disappointed."
What can you tell me about this place?
"It's an arena. Within these walls, you will fight for honor! For glory!
Or did you want to know about the history and all that? What a boring question!"
Who's competing in these games?
"The better question might be who isn't competing. We have a fascinating mix of proven warriors and brutal killers. They can fight and that's all that matters.
And I have it on good authority that there are some surprises in store. So exciting!"
How can an arena run with everything going on in this region?
"You mean that nonsense with the Serpent and those other foolish Celestials? What goes on outside, remains outside.
Besides, even they wouldn't be so bold as to send an army against some of the most trained and talented killers in the region."
That's a pretty dangerous assumption.
"What? Oh, sorry. I was just imagining the possibilities.
I wonder what would happen if the Serpent and the other Celestials came here to compete? I'm almost tempted to invite them. Almost."
Are you participating?
"Compete? Me? And how would that be fair? No, I don't participate.
But I'll be watching you and your group closely. I can promise you that."


  • Aspera's dialogue seems to hint that she may be Boethiah herself in mortal disguise, given how she mentions she observes the games but does not compete, and that she chooses who can or cannot compete via invitation.