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ON-icon-achievement-Daedric Explorer.png Daedric Explorer
Type Morrowind Achievements
Points 10
Visit all of the Daedric ruins in Vvardenfell.

Daedric Explorer is awarded for visiting each of the 25 Daedric Ruins in Vvardenfell. Most of these locations do not have map icons, so the only indication you'll have that you've located one is the text that briefly appears in the upper-right corner. When this text appears, you have officially visited the location. There's no need to fully explore each of the ruins.


Name Location Notes
Kushtashpi Northwest of Vos (map) Visited during At Any Cost
Esutanamus Southeast of Vos (map) Visited during At Any Cost
Yansirramus Southwest of Tel Aruhn (map) Visited during At Any Cost
Anudnabia East of Sadrith Mora (map)
Kaushtarari East of Dreloth Ancestral Tomb (map) Visited during Divine Intervention
Tusenend East of Nchuleftingth (map) Visited during At Any Cost
Shashpilamat Northeast of Molag Mar (map) Visited during Objections and Obstacles
Almurbalarammi Southeast of Molag Mar (map) This ruin is private property, and may earn you a bounty if you are witnessed trespassing here.
You must visit during An Armiger's Duty
Zaintiraris South of Molag Mar (map) Visited during A Hireling of House Telvanni
Bal Fell East of Vivec City (map) Location for A Web of Troubles
Ald Sotha Northeast of Vivec City (map) Striking Locale
Bal Ur North of Suran (map) Visited during At Any Cost and The Scarlet Judge
Ashurnibibi West of Ahemmusa Camp (map) Visited during Fleeing the Past
Ashalmimilkala Northwest of Ahemmusa Camp (map) Striking Locale
Addadshashanammu North of Ashalmimilkala (map)
Dushariran Southeast of Gnisis (map) Visited during Relics of Dushariran
Yasammidan Northwest of Gnisis (map) Striking Locale, also visited during Relics of Yasammidan
Zergonipal West of Vos (map) Crafting site for the Shacklebreaker set
Ashalmawia Southwest of Urshilaku Camp (map) A standard Delve, also visited during At Any Cost, and during Relics of Ashalmawia
Ashurnabitashpi Northeast of Urshilaku Camp (map) Visited during Relics of Ashurnabitashpi
Assarnatamat Northeast of Balmora (map) Visited during Relics of Assarnatamat
Maelkashishi Northeast of Gnisis (map) Visited during Relics of Maelkashishi
Ebernanit Southeast of Valenvaryon (map) Visited during Relics of Ebernanit
Ashunartes Northwest of Suran (map)
Ramimilk South of Ald'ruhn (map) Visited during At Any Cost