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Ghostly Sar-m'Athra
Location Maw of Lorkhaj
Species Senche
Health 2300000rounded
105000rounded (High Lunarium)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Dro-m'Athra
A Ghostly Sar-m'Athra

Ghostly Sar-m'Athra are Ghostly dro-m'Athra Senche found in the Maw of Lorkhaj. They are summoned during the fight with Zhaj'hassa the Forgotten and can be encountered at the Lattice Walk. In the High Lunarium, weaker versions will be summoned if those with the "Breath of Lorkhaj" effect (obtained from entering the void or stepping on a void platform) die during the fight.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Raking Claws
A basic attack that does moderate physical damage.
Bleeding Claws
A high damage over time applied by Raking Claws.

Related Quests[edit]

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