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Gladiator Ethes
Home City Vivec City
Location Gladiator's Quarters
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Warrior
Other Information
Faction(s) Circle of Champions, Storm Lords
Gladiator Ethes

Gladiator Ethes is a Dunmer warrior who can be found in Vivec City. You'll find him at the Gladiator's Quarters, southwest of the city. He spends his days going from checking the coffer inside the northern tent, having a quick bite by the bonfire, and sharpening his weapon.


Talking to him, he'll boast about his team, the Storm Lords:

"Storm Lords are the fiercest competitors. They'll always win!"
"Just listen to those Fire Drakes boast. Once they face down the Storm Lords they'll break apart, like a rowboat in a hurricane."
"Next Domination match, Storm Lords are going to take all the capture points. I'm personally going after the Pit Daemon ones. I still owe them for the loss last week."

You can ask him to elaborate:

What's so great about the Storm Lords?
"Storm Lords thunder across a field, striking our foes down faster than they can blink. We're a whirlwind of pain that smashes enemies to bits. Always a glorious sight to see!"