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Location The Cave of Trophies
Race Dremora Gender Male
Health 103494 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Prisoner Gnilokelo's Dread
Daedra Hearts

Gnilokelo is a Dremora mage found at the end of the Cave of Trophies. He must be defeated to clear the delve. He has a chance to drop Gnilokelo's Dread.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Gnilokelo is accompanied by a clannfear which should be killed first to make the fight easier.

Ice Arrow
Basic ranged attack that does moderate frost damage.
Line of icicles cast directly in front of him.[verification needed — does he do this attack?]
Aspect of Terror
Spell that briefly stuns you but does no damage. This attack is interruptible, but will pass through block. If you are feared, you may break free from it using stamina.
Summon Burdening Eye
Summons Burdening Eyes to damage and stun you on impact. If you are quick, the Eyes can be destroyed before they touch you.
Summon Shade
Summons an invulnerable shade, know as the Dark Shade. It will do minor damage when it hits.
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