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Home City Wayrest
Location Cloudy Dregs Inn
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Midnight Union

S'rashi is a Khajiit debt collector working in Wayrest on account of the Midnight Union. M'jaddha is his brother.

Related Quests[edit]


"Oh no! It's you. Have you come from Hosni? Please have mercy.
S'rashi promises to have Hosni's gold soon, but S'rashi cannot get Hosni's gold if he is dead. Tell S'rashi you've not come to kill him."
Your brother asked me to help you.
"Ha! S'rashi's brother's so kind! Abandons and asks a stranger to take his place. He's soon chasing sweetmeat in Senchal. No one cares for S'rashi.
Brothers should be loyal. You owe S'rashi nothing, but S'rashi will pay for help, yes?"
That sounds reasonable
"S'rashi owes debts but is also owed debts. There are three in the city who have gold that should be S'rashi's.
First is a gambler,next is a nobleman, and the last is a smuggler. You help S'rashi collect and S'rashi pays generous percentage."
I'll do it. Just tell me where to find them.
"S'rashi has marked where you can find these debtors on the map. Start with gambler, Louis Ervine.
Ervine owes S'rashi the most money. S'rashi needs money from the others too, but search for them after Ervine."
Can you tell me more about the debtors?
"You are helping S'rashi, yes? Then S'rashi will tell you anything...well, almost anything.
You would like to know about the gambler, the nobleman, or the smuggler? Just ask and S'rashi will tell."
Tell me more about the gambler.
"Ervine. Louis Ervine. He is a nice man, but a litle dungy, and he has no sense. Keeps making bets even when he's lost everything.
S'rashi feels sorry for Ervine, but forgives his debt for too long. S'rashi must collect now to save his own skin."
How did this nobleman end up in debt?
"These upper class turn their noses up at S'rashi until they need S'rashi's help. Padier Nytte comes from old family, very rich, but not anymore.
Nytte says he has no money to pay S'rashi back, but S'rashi thinks Nytte is lying."
What kind of smuggler are we talking about?
"Captain Marck. Very smart man. Smuggles weapons, skooma, whatever makes him gold, yes?
Marck lost his ship though. Borrowed money for a new one. S'rashi needs money now."

After collecting Louis and Padier's debts and returning to S'rashi:

"You return, and sooner than S'rashi expected!
You have S'rashi's gold? Please say you have S'rashi's gold."
Captain Marck asked for more time.
"If S'rashi had time, he would gladly give it to the captain, but S'rasi's own hide is on the line too.
S'rashi has to have the money, one way or another."
[Persuade] Killing Captain Marck isn't going to get you the money either.
"This is true, and S'rashi does not want the captain's blood on his hands.
This is all right though. You have collected most of S'rashi's money, and he is grateful. S'rashi can cover the rest, for now."
How much to pay off the captain's debt? [311 gold]
"If you're willing to pay the gold for him, S'rashi will not complain.
Consider the captain's debt settled."
Isn't there any other way to settle his debt?
"S'rashi likes Captain Marck, but debt must be paid in gold, or in blood.
Hm. There is another walker in Wayrest who owes S'rashi a blood debt—the Redguard assassin Ramziq. If you kill Ramziq, S'rashi will forgive Marck."
Where do I find this Redguard assassin?
"Ramziq has been hiding, but S'rashi knows where. She's in a home just down the street in the market.
Be careful though. Ramziq is a very dangerous warrior woman, and she knows S'rashi will send someone after her."
I'll be back when she's dead
"S'rashi wants to help Captain Marck too, but S'rashi must pay Midnight Union boss, yes?
Help S'rashi get the money he needs and all will be well."
Captain Marck asked for more time.<Dialogue repeats as above>

S'rashi will be very grateful once the final debt is cleared.

"You have helped S'rashi when S'rashi's own brother abandoned him, and S'rashi is very grateful.
S'rashi can now pay money to Midnight Union boss, save his own skin, yes?"
Yes. You should be able to clear things up with your boss now.
"Yes. S'rashi is very relieved and boss will be happy.
You are a better enforcer than my brother ever was. Form now on, I will think of you as family. What is mine is also yours."

After the quest, he will thank you.

"S'rashi never forgets a friend, and you have been a spotless friend.
S'rashi will forever be in your debt. If you need anything in Wayrest, you tell S'rashi and he will make it good."